Installation Manager

With the flush, dry construction window Glastec is fully in vogue: aesthetic combines smooth multi functionality and multimedia compatibility stephanskirchen, September 2010 -, plane glass surfaces. No corners and edges. Elegant space planning – specially developed the company Glastec Rosenheim for use in drywall, a glass-module system of prefabricated hermetically sealed glass elements. And with great success! The flush connections with frame or wall are made visually appealing, functional components can be integrated for fire protection, personal protection, noise protection, privacy/blacking out and radiation protection according to individual requirements. Perfect conditions for a globally operating company, was looking for a visually aesthetic and technically correct solution to the integration of dry building Windows in the Office building. In addition to design and functionality the company convinced the PlanWin system by Glastec Rosenheim, last but not least because its always consistent, harmonious look regardless of the individually selected glass-module system as well as the excellent properties of the Assembly.

In just a few steps to the perfect, flush drywall PlanWin, the flush system, i proved a d top solution for the drywall! Simple, quick and easy installation of the frames and glass elements convinced not only the customer, but also the exporting Drywall Installers including Installation Manager. First, the frame directly to the static profiles were bolted and set into the water”then completion of all trades, the glass mounted and sealed. The advantages were obvious: no storage period, no weather, no damage of the glass due to external influences. Even before the PlanWin glass composite elements were supplied, all artisans could cause in the meantime their construction services end. The glazing works were affiliated without disabilities through the construction process and other trades, without dust and dirt without the risk of damage by External influences. A total of 60 disks in a size of 530 mm width and height 2030 mm were used in the 125 mm wide drywall. Quickly and with absolute dimensional accuracy. A future remodel or an unforeseen repairs would no problem with PlanWin, as a separate extension of glazing and frame carry out very easily at any time.

PlanWin: a glass-module system that meets all the requirements the PlanWin system for the dry construction offers many performance characteristics. A high standard of safety is achieved through the toughened safety glass (ESG) that was used for both external panes of laminated glass systems. Sound insulation values of 40 dB in all offices provide the necessary peace and quiet and allow such a concentrated work in a pleasant atmosphere. In addition several Windows with innovative performance features were built-in – ISO-shadow: the blind between the panes. The desired privacy can be achieved through lifting, lowering and rotating the plates according to individual requirements. PlanWin- the perfect solution for a flush glass system in the drywall. Optically and technically it meets all requirements of modern glass architecture. Endless shock joint glazing in filigree appearance and without static intermediate posts are Muhe – and easily feasible. PlanWin is a perfectly thought-out product that combines aesthetics, practicality and function on the best.