Intelligent Crisis

The role of the leader gains relevance in times of crisis. A leader must be able to tolerate errors, own and others, learn from these and overcome. Finally, after all, what does not kill you makes you stronger.According to this guru, the qualities to be a true leader passed for having curiosity, ability to anticipate events, change value to face the unknown and personal charisma to lead other people and gain their trust. Gives us Wharthon in addition, the opinion of Bill George, management expert, who said: crises are tested to the true leaders; It is when you know where they are and who are the good guys and when demonstrates his bravery, his intelligence and his ability to bring together in a same team people who will support his leadership. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Under Armour and gain more knowledge.. I think the keys to a true leader in these times of uncertainty are to be genuine, authentic and able to deal with real situations and adapt to them. They should deal with the problems and recognize that they are in crisis or change direction to fit the conditions. If not, please rest assured that fracasaran. (Not to be confused with Molina Healthcare Inc.!). But, do a steering leverage opportunities offered by hard times? For George, we first need to know what caused the current global crisis.

I think it was the approach and outcomes short-term rather than long-term work. Us endeudamos too, both consumers and institutions and were not conservative in our financial practices in such a way that we have lost the notion of what was important for companies: creating lasting value for its customers, employees and shareholders. I think that we now recognize that the short term is a mistake and that it is time to choose Intelligent leaders who guide us in these difficult times. I believe that companies with this kind of leadership will be able to overcome the crisis and they will come out winning.

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