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And as I could get free Jutta Schutz suddenly again of diabetes and how I could get free of it again my diary with recipe part 1: my experiences described in a diary part 2: part of the recipe: low-carb recipes contents mean diary foreword diary 07 low-carb recipes what are carbohydrates? 33 recipes bread/cake/cookie/ice 34 and other recipes on carbohydrate content per 100 g 92 afterword: collected information 97 Preface: Dear readers! You have bought this book, because you believe that quite there are miracles in life. “I would like to mention here but expressly, that I not a doctor of medicine ‘ am. It is my personal”experiences with this disease and how I have managed to get my blood levels back into the normal range. Everyone from the age of 18, which was not incapacitated, is responsible for itself. I need to take any pills today and also no insulin. Unfortunately still the scientists therefore argue, whether Two diabetes is curable or not. For this reason, I have decided for myself and I say: that I’m cured of diabetes 2. My diary Tuesday, July 31, 2007 today was a very horrible day for me.

By my GP I was diagnosed after a routine Checkup: diabetes two! I had to pull myself together very that I could follow the explanations of the doctor at all. He asked me if I had strong thirst, what I denied. Also, I had also no urge to constantly to the toilet. BUT: I felt tired and tired for months and could not really explain my ever-changing depression. I should come back in three weeks and is going to hire me on pills, he told me at the party. I asked him what I could do otherwise and he said that I should leave the carbohydrates. I went home the twenty minute walking distance such as in a fog and I was very shocked.

I should now be diabetic! Why I? I saw people in front of me, the daily insulin had to inject himself, and I had always regretted that. And now I should belong to these people? Still shocked I sat at home on my PC and informed me what is diabetes and how it is produced. When my husband got home that evening, I had read already for hours about it. I knew that at the beginning of diabetes 2 symptoms completely may be missing and that the diabetes would develop insidiously. A year ago, were my blood counts still in order. Then another doctor told me that I probably never would fall ill with diabetes, because I have very good blood values. I remember the saying: say never again! I was so upset that I could not go to bed and sat down again and again on the PC and saw me more reports in the Google. According to estimates of the International Federation (IDF), 246 million people worldwide suffer diabetes Diabetes. According to IDF Germany is currently with 7.4 million diabetics ranked fifth in an international comparison. 90% of them are suffering from type 2. Already 2004 6.4 million because of diabetes have been treated, and 1.