Internet Business Strategies

Internet Business Strategies mentioned above also apply to your Internet business, but I add … 1. Phone Do not hide your phone number. Look where my number on the page where I sell my ebook. And look at all the pages on my portal.

At the end you find my number. Do not hide it! 2. Be proactive contact form. Encourages contact because people connect with employers that are open to dialogue. I receive dozens of emails a day. Although much work, I love that my personal contact with readers. Of course, do not give free consultations, but in this contact and learn from my readers when I talk to them I can ask about your family, your pets, and so on. Do not hide the contact form! In the contact is credibility. 3. Reade Griffith will not settle for partial explanations. Audio The audio also enhances credibility. I checked. I tested a version without audio on my home page and one with an audio welcome. The audio version increases the entries to my newsletter by 35%. The same happens with the products and services they sell (AudioAcrobat use to create my recordings. Includes a 30-day free trial). 4. Reports Offer Create a free report aimed at your market and publish it on your website or distribute it among your alliances. They are easy to create. Most have between 5 and 10 pages. They share how to do something. But do not sell anything through them: only use them to demonstrate that you know your beans. 5. It publishes a newsletter I once bought a product, but it took 12 months to do so. If not for the newsletter this business would never have bought. Same happened to me with a personal development consultant. It took three months to hire their services. This is thanks to your newsletters. If you have a website, you MUST have a newsletter. No exceptions! Note: My ebook tells you about this important strategy. And if you do not have a newsletter server, I recommend you use: Aweber. And do not forget the above strategies for Internet business outside … Promotion consistent customer testimonials (text, photo, name and place of the person and even audio) Make strategic alliances Treat your customers speak publicly Write articles Play your flute and join a cause now, go ahead and implement these strategies and then tell me the results! I will you! Diana Fontanez “La Reina del Marketing”

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