Karl Marx

Javier Gorostiaga said that the world is a glass of champagne, at the base of the Cup 80% of people who earns 20% of income. In the rod 1% of the population that earns 3% of income. In the part more broadband 20% received 17% of the income. As a result there is a great division in the world that translates into sectors classified between rich and poor. Poverty conceived as an impediment to access to everything that the same man has created: the transformation of nature in the means to survive.

Then, thought that the poor are more unhappy, while poorer. Here must stop to think: there are two kinds of wealth. Material wealth and the spiritual wealth, can lacks one, but the other plentiful. The rich are those who possess the means sufficient to live and more capital accumulate more dominance exerted on the media and influence on the State to ensure that this guarantees them exemption from taxes and freedom of company. Tomas Hobbes in his work Leviathan, raises that nature has done to men as equally in the faculties of the body and of the spirit that, although there is a man more shrewd understanding than another, if a comparison between one and another, both the weak and the strong have the same conditions for accessing one benefit either. Therefore, if both men want the same thing, and in no way can enjoy both, enemies become and consequently seek to annihilate or subjugate is one to another. You could say under the previous argument, there is no reason to exclude the man who does not possess the same capabilities, as indeed this also have tools that you can use in your favor to get that benefit.

The nature of man, found three main causes of discord: competition, mistrust and glory. The first cause is driving men to attack to make a profit; the second, to achieve security; the third to gain reputation. (Hobbes, Leviathan.) Pp., 99, 100,101). According to the approach of Hobbes, the nature of man is selfish, focusing on the development of his own happiness by declaring war on all those who try to oppose the achievement of its ideals. For Karl Marx the relations of production occur among agents of production which can be grouped into: techniques of production and social relations of production relations. In the technical relations of production must distinguish between two types of workflow process: individual and cooperative. Individual work process is carried out by a worker who works in isolation, transforming a raw material determined in a given product. This is the case of the artisan or small peasant producers. Cooperative work process is carried out with the participation of several workers. It is characterized primarily by the existence of a common social work, that if it is carried out on a sufficiently wide scale requires an address to bring into harmony the various individual activities. The social relations of production are historically determined in this There are individuals who are owners of the means of production and individuals who must work for those. Therefore, the social relations of production, laying between the worker and the owner of the means of production, the latter undertakes to transform the raw material into production, and this production warrants to the owner of its capital growth.

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