Large Corporations

In a new release of the magazine Forbes July 30, 2010 gave the actualizacon of the top 100 companies most valuable in the world. Almost 5 months ago, with the list of end of 2009 first site Google, occupied it after Microsoft and thirdly the Coca-cola soft drink company. Now with the launch of ipods, the ipad and the technology Apple iphones is situated in 1st place, likewise with the launch of Windows 7, Office 2010 and Internet explorer 8 the technology Microsoft stays in second place and his popularity the soft drink company Coca-Cola stands in third place, is worth mentioning that: There is no Spanish or Latin American mark in the list. Technology companies dominate the list with 30%. Forbes has taken into account the benefits of the past 3 years. Technology rivals Microsoft and Apple and the world leader in the manufacture of beverages, Coca-Cola, occupied the first three places in the last list that Forbes magazine has elaborated with the most valuable brands in the world. The creator of Mac, the popular computers iPod players and iPhone phones Queen in the first place in a ranking that you can see this Friday on the website of the American publication and recognizes that the weight of the image of some of the largest companies in the world, as well as the effects that this has on your benefits. You are going to need more than one problem with the iPhone 4 antenna reception so that the Apple brand could be affected, indicate those responsible for Forbes, which ranked the Californian company at the top of your listing thanks to 57,400 millions of dollars is estimated to worth its brand. The company, which launched this year the expected computer flat iPad, is an example for Forbes of a brand that can survive even when its parent company stumbles, since it recalls that Apple sales fell 46 percent in the past decade, but the value of your brand resisted until the current benefits.