Learn To Be Healthy

Our subconscious manages our cells and all that goes with them at 98%. All our thoughts, emotions and actions directly related to the subconscious. They directly affect his work. Of what will be the thoughts, emotions and actions, depends our health, since diseases occur primarily in regard to information in our information – the energy field, which is called the biofield. There are many ways to save it and even multiply field. Some of the ways we have considered.

This is – meditation, positive programming using affirmations, recitation of mantras and prayers, the impact on the field with the help of wise. Today we’ll talk about two global systems – a practice help securely maintain the integrity of our energy field, and thus health. Of course, I mean different types of yoga and qigong. But before we proceed to describe these amazing practices, I would like to Your attention to this videonarez. After seeing it, we will continue. So qigong – a form of physical culture, which combines the functions of treatment and rehabilitation, as well as including specific ways to exercise mind and consciousness, associated with provisions of eastern philosophy. Theory and practice of qigong is a part of ancient cultural heritage of China. For millennia, qigong methods were used to promote health, protection from disease, prolonging life self-defense, the development of intellect and enjoyed enormous popularity.