What all we looked for, to locate our Web on others, first we must know the internal factors and external a Web or blog. With a report of positioning of the state of the site you can know the possibilities real that there is, the internal disposition and the constructed good that is had. Realising the changes that are necessary not you do not assure the first position, but either estaras at a disadvantage with your rivals. When being preparation internamente, a campaign of connections is taken advantage of the best way to obtain the best results. The positioning report Web considers up to 35 different aspects, of this form your Web becomes a lethal weapon for your competition.

Some variables that handle: 1. Presentation of the Report of positioning Web with keyword, title and popularity of connections and its projections. 2. Age of the site, headed, bolds, densidad 3. Incoming connections, speed of the servant, optimization of images. 4. Use of key word in the text of connections of the own dominion. 5.

Key words in texts of the salient connections. 6. Use of key words in the directions of the connections of same dominion. 7. Validation HTML of the Web site with standards W3C. 8. Level of Legibility of the page. 9. Motor affinity search. 10. Factors that can draw for a high positioning. and others but With this report we know as is internamente the site, not assures that you appear in the first places in the finders, but guarantees that NOT these behind your competition, that you maintain to equal quality that its Webs and nothing prevents that you can surpass when increasing connections to them towards your Web, with a positioning plan professional Web. You tenth the site that gives to the positioning report Web free you, without needing buying nothing. It sends a message with the Web and the word to position you receive and it. Informate in infome positioning Web.