Lived Mother

The first house that you PURCHASE, you NEVER forget! The sensation to buy its property, its I sing, is IMPRESSIVE, DELICIOUS, POWERFUL! I obtained to buy with aid of my husband and a GREAT AMIGA, my small immovable FIRST e! My God! My chest seems that it goes to blow up! It has some days that I do not sleep right, not for already the usual nightmares and, yes, for a gostosa anxiety to make and to remake millions of coisinhas in this small castle of my dreams of infancy, MY PETIT TRIANON! In it my family will always fit all! ALWAYS! ‘ ‘ ELE’ ‘ , the apt one, marks a new was of the Baptista family Lighter! Therefore ‘ ‘ there ‘ ‘ they go to live my mother and my brother. I took off until a photo of the IPTU in MY name (I know that it is a thing one in such a way exaggerated of if making but necessary of this test at this moment, understand, please). I find that my mother is happy, but seems that it still finds that is only plus a rent of many of its life! Plus a temporary change, a shot in luck.

I AND IT HAVE OUR DIVERGENCES AND THEY ARE NOT FEW, BUT RESPECT VERY THEREFORE ESSA’ ‘ WOMAN ‘ ‘ ALREADY SHE SUFFERED VERY IN THIS LIFE! My niece me moved in the sunday day of the mothers, when she told to me (until the 10 years of age, my sister, it and Lived had liveed with the mother) that one day, making the accounts, it already its life had changed of residence 12 times in all! It was with only 09 years! My eyes lacrimejaram! Optimum of everything it is to know that I am contributing for happiness of them also. I distribute it with them! Vocs knows that me knows the value of this conquest and my perpetual gratitude for EDU and LUDMILA! also knows as I am in PEACE with my family now! Kisses! Until week that comes! Anglica.

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