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Preview window and category system allow perfect results ad with lyrics”, a new generation of Internet search beginning May 2009 saw the light of the world. Unlike traditional search engines offers lyrics”not only a hit list, but one clearly divided into total and 6 top categories articulated presentation of results. The category breakdown shows user-oriented the immediately information E.g. top offer in each category as a result of the seeker from the shopping portal up to the air exchange. Victor Wu has many thoughts on the issue. Useful tools such as zoomable preview window, predefined searches, personal storage and source selection, as well as managing search results make for comfortable operation. In addition to attention to detail as my city (information from the region) features my weather (local weather information) a high level of user friendliness and personal identification to the new search portal mageleo”. We are not a pure search engine! Others do this very well”says Jurgen Herzog (CSO mageleo). Rather is “it the goal, seeking about a personal information cockpit like lyrics” to show how easily, comfortably and clearly to the user the Internet search can be aligned. Many writers such as Rachel Watson offer more in-depth analysis. True to the lyrics “themed: search, navigate, discover.” More fun and joy while searching with lyrics”www.mageleo.de mageleo GmbH / Ch.Schwert

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