Magic Stone Gold

Gold – a symbol of the sun and luxury, the king of metals and metal gods. Since ancient times, gold was a measure of wealth. His story is covered by countless legends and myths that leads us to the point of origin of human civilization, giving gold a huge magical powers. The first countries to begin mining and processing of gold, is considered to be Egypt. Egyptian priests taught that gold comes from the sun, which once rained on the Earth golden rain.

Was rich in gold, and Asia Minor. This is confirmed by the presence of numerous myths and legends in her culture. The myth of the rules at the end of viii. bc Phrygian king Midas, says that he has an incredible ability to turn into gold everything, what would he not touched. Midas was close to starving to death, but saved him swimming in the river Paktokl which had become the gold-entering its waters Midas.

And the ease of extraction from this rivers of gold bore the Lydian king Croesus saying: – “Yes flowing for you Paktokl, but you endure in gold and riches.” There is another legend that, around 1000 bce the Jewish King David decided to start construction of the temple in Jerusalem. But the temple erected by his son, King Solomon. The luxurious sparkling hall of the temple was built, even the floor was covered with gold leaf. Money stripped gold holiness, which he gave to the ancients. Money were the first source of self-interest, usury and deceitful desire to get rich, indulging in idleness, but these defects have increased even more quickly, and there was the true madness, and unquenchable thirst for gold, from which began to make money. Many rulers because gold went crazy. Luxury pulled in their nets, even church. Gold as a talisman, strengthens the spirit of wealth, prosperity, confidence and determination in their own abilities owner. Although gold and fiery metal, it does not increase a weak personality, rather the opposite, slowing its development. Much love gold loves gay people, for whom it is more than just a defender. For them gold – impulse, inspiration, dreams and aspirations. Optimists, cheerful people, confident in their inventiveness and invulnerability, gold charm can become a true friend to help overcome life’s obstacles warning of possible failures, prompting a workaround. Especially great pleasure for gold patronage her femaleness. Gold earrings are different: they lead a woman to her natural state, to help cope with the complexes, to rethink the installation, these once in my childhood.