Manoel Antonio

I begin it is had, for example, the neighbor of the barber who however was in the church or the window of its house observing and criticizing the other people’s life, mainly of Leonardo. How much to the decay of the faith and one strong worship the images are possible to find in the childbirth of Chiquinha, that in the preparation of the birth of its son, diverse adereos are ranks on the bed and of the gestante, as if the step of a good childbirth left those objects. In this same occasion the prayer is always presented interrupted for the shouts of comadre that it took care of in the preparation of the childbirth of the niece. ‘ ‘ (…) Comadre brought pair of bentinhos Mrs. of the mount of the Carmo that had great reputation of miraculous, it launched and it to the neck of Chiquinha.

It put the blessed straw to the side of the headboard, in the room improvised an oratory with a towel, a cup with arruda and an image of ours lady of the conceio, ware, decorated with gold laces. Chiquinha for nothing forgets them established rules, moored the head a white handkerchief, it put themselves under of sheets, and started to pray to the saint of its devotion! (ALMEIDA, 1999, p 102) Of these facts it is proven relation of hypocrisy of the proper man with its belief. It has a partial fulfilment of its laws, but a bigger shunting line very evidenced in its behavior, tied the faith, but unprovided of the certainty. CONCLUSION In this study was analyzed the plan of the social relations in the workmanship Memories of a Sergeant of Military services where some relations had been established to be studied. Ahead of a social context this analysis was made on the life of the personages valuing as these if they held in a social dimension and of interaction. From then on a relation of intense conflicts of moral order is perceived, where the personages are victims of a determinista conception and that therefore they only repay an action of the way.

In an onslaught the realistic trend the man is boarded as a real being, endowed with defects and qualities, practitioner of good and the evil. It keeps healthful relations, but always it aims at its benefit. In this perspective, it ahead places the man of the woman, the family and of its proper belief and to collate it these social fragmentos is to establish reactions. was this that this study considered: to analyze man x woman, man x family, man x belief. Ahead of the statement she is rewarding to know that this analysis served as reference for some academic work that also was enchanted for the workmanship. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES ALMEIDA, Manoel Antonio of. Memories of a Sergeant of Military services. So Paulo: Martin; 1999. LUFT, Peter. Mini dictionary. So Paulo: It stokes, 1999. MAYAN, Domingues Joo. Portuguese: New series average education.