Mayer Skills

With relationship to the term intelligence emotional (IE), were the first to use it and define it as, ability to monitor feelings and emotions of others and themselves, to discriminate among them and use that information to guide thinking and actions, psychologists Mayer and Salovey (1990) (p. 108). Emotional intelligence understood as the capacity to perceive, access and generate emotions that attend the thought; understand the emotions and emotional knowledge; projecting emotions to promote emotional growth and intellectual (Mayer and Salovey, 1997). This definition encompasses four verbs: to) identify emotions: is able to correctly recognize how is feeling; b) use emotions: is the ability to create emotions and integrate them to your way of thinking; (c) understand the emotions, that is, its causes; d) manage emotions: develop the ability to calculate the path followed their emotions to reach a goal, rather than get carried away by their emotions. On the other hand the emotional concept of intelligences of the authors in question includes two types of intelligences: intrapersonal intelligence and interpersonal intelligence.

Both intelligences tended to our psychological well-being, and form the basis for the harmonious and balanced development of our personality. They allow a better development of our relationships with people, in the familiar-afectiva, social and labour and professional area. Management of emotions, requires developing the capacity to be able to voluntarily intervene in them, this means handling them and do not deny them. It is important to understand that every emotion there is, as a manifestation of a need, which regulates the functioning of the body. Box 15 the skills emotional skills definition features personal suitability determine one’s own domain. They include the following skills: self-knowledge, self-regulation, motivation self-knowledge consists in knowing the own internal States, preferences, resources, and intuitions, focuses on labeling the feelings as they occur. Self-knowledge includes three emotional skills emotional awareness: recognition of emotions and their effects; Accurate self-assessment: knowledge of your own inner resources, skills and self confidence limits: certainty about the value itself and powers..

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