Mayor Klaus Wowereit Tempelhof

Barack Obama is still the airport Tempelhof – before it disappears from the map of the world. Barchester recognizes the significance of this. After Barack Obama has apart also out of consideration for Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit by a speech at Tempelhof, he will visit now expected the historic site within the framework of his tour of Berlin. The extended discussion in advance of the visit of US Prasidentschaftskanditats Barack Obama has once again moved the Tempelhof airport in the center of the world and see what he really is: A monument to the history of the world. Nobody has aptly expressed this as the legendary raisin bomber pilot Gail Halvorsen as he said a few months ago “a monument to the freedom we have in America, that means ‘Statue of Liberty’. I think Tempelhof is the ‘statue of liberty’ for Germany. The freedom of in Germany began in 1948 and 49 in Tempelhof.

“.” Volker Perplies from the initiative for Tempelhof to be world heritage: “the Nazi era ended finally with Tempelhof and the airlift and the basis for a new, free” Germany created. Here laid the foundation stone of the freedom of Berlin, Germany and Europe. Here, the allies – especially Americans – in Tempelhof have shown that war opponents could become real friends. “And by the way, Tempelhof is also the oldest commercial airport in the world, the”mother of all airports”(Star architect Sir Norman Forster), the world’s third largest building and like no other place Center of the cold war.” All of this can be seen as authentic even today”, so Perplies next. Such locations of history will receive as “National monuments” in any other country. Not so in Berlin. Against the fierce resistance of citizens, Bundespoltik, economy, society and cultural the Senate of Berlin has decided to let the airport forever disappear from the world map. Officially, this is done because of “legal risks for the construction of the new airport Berlin (BBI)”.

Unofficial Mayor Klaus Wowereit bends the thus likely Wish his coalition partners, the left party as a successor to the former East German State party SED. “, says Karl Helmut E. Zermin Michael Paul; Action Alliance in the recent referendum to preserve Tempelhof had made clear Wowereit in advance, how he sees the situation. No matter how the result turns out, he would be made anyway not. As a result, 60% of Berlin for receiving voted then, turnout was however successfully reduced under the necessary quorum. “Instead of the world-famous Tempelhof it is so a ‘sea of meadows” with residential and commercial areas give.”Paul says further. The hope of Tempelhof-friends rest well on that but yet the Federation speaks a word of power. Unlike the usual monument in the city, Tempelhof is a monument of national and international significance. Tempelhof in any way satisfies to this left to the whims of local politics alone. People from all over the world for a world heritage contact on the Web site of Tempelhof Weltkulturerbe.de A Tempelhof – Meanwhile, thousands of people have called the Federal State and the land of Berlin to receive.

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