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Marketing on social networks Facebook, one of the main tools we use is then we create a profile on Facebook, and subsequently a fanpage for your business. It is sometimes difficult to get fans but we must be patient and continue to work in our marketing plan and little by little the number of u fans Facebook page is increased vera. There are differences in terms of fans Facebook by the ideologies of different people, for some it is more important to have many fans and for others it is more important to have few but really interested in what you are doing, i.e., most importantly the quality than the quantity. You should take into account that it is what you need based on your business for you perhaps more important quantity than quality or vice versa. I have for you 6 effective ways to get fans for your Facebook page.

Include a Fanbox on your website or your business website: includes a fanbox on your website, so give him promotion to your Facebook page and to give click will redirect them to your Facebook and be able to click on I like. Invite from your website to follow you: includes a Facebook button in your website that redirect to your page’s fans, in this way them these inviting to be your followers (Fans) performs sweepstakes: motivates users of Facebook to be your fans offering sweepstakes involving only persons who give click on I like your page. Campaigns of email marketing with promotions: offers special discounts for people who are your fans on Facebook, in such a way that they feel that being your fans has value for them. Announces your site in your Newsletter: invites in your Newsletter to follow you on Facebook, including an image or button on Facebook that redirects to your fan page. Hires sponsored ads campaigns: contracts the service of sponsored ads from Facebook in which you can include an image and a short description that will appear to users while they browse the network social (is pay per click).

You can customize when it appears this advertisement, the region geography in which It appears, that interest should be users who displayed them, among other things. Now you decide that strategies are going to use to get fans on your social media campaign (Social Media Marketing), I would recommend using the 6 If your plan is to get the largest number of potential fans, but if for you is more important than quality quality then evaluates each one of them and put up which will bring you better benefitsRemember that every business is different and consequently the interest on the part of users is different. If you liked this article and you was useful I would like to share it with your friends on social networks and leave me a comment thereon at the bottom. Feel free to express your views or concerns. You can see the article with images that clearly exemplify each of the ways to get fans giving CLICK here also you can know more about this topic by visiting my blog here thank you original author and source of the article

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