By professional or student exigencies We already saw that the head always is right. The professor, also. Therefore, if in your work or studies you they make use Linux – quite common thing, on the other part would be a good idea also you installed that it in your computer of house. 7. Because you have pantallazoazulfobia It could not lack in this list famous pantallazo blue. Typical case: the last time that you used Windows you were writing up a document of 30 pages when it was blocked suddenly, it reinitiated and it ended your patience, and your document, of sudden form.

Not yet you have recovered. The certain thing is that it is not so common in the last versions of Windows, but not to include it would be an aberration against the history of computer science here. 8. Because you have iPod, iPhone, iMac, you use iTunes In agreement, iTunes works perfectly in Windows, but, since you have all the range of the apple, you are going it to mancillar using Windows? If at least ” had one; i” before the name, another rooster would sing, but not Of no way! 9. Because he is not cool It has everybody almost, which degrades automatically the category of no-cool.

If you want to emphasize and to be the master of the celebrations (computer science), it will be better than you decide on some other minority system that forces to people to preguntarte ” And that what is? ” Also you can decide on some system where the windows make pirouettes with triple tirabuzn in 3D while it becomes blurred in particles of colorines. Then, that is used for something or he is not the one of less, the important thing is that nobody will be able decirte that is not cool. 10. By the good of the humanity There is one who defends that the great companies as Microsoft has the eagerness to dominate the world. If you want to be a hero, you can unirte to the resistance and use any other system. Perhaps someday the children of your children thank for it to you, or no. Source: Original author and source of the article.