My Grandmother And The Economy

Vov, very called Maria Jacome Dantas.Conversvamos on diverse subjects and many current things. Here and acol, vov freed its pearls economic that until today give envy alone to think to me about its certeira intelligence, mixed with simple, direct and highly theoretician-scientific words of the people northeastern. It said thus: – My son, wants to have a calm life with relation its economies? – Clearly that yes vov! How he is that I make? – Very easy Bebeto. If you gain one for month in such a way and does not spend it all and leaves a part, goes to always have a reserve in the hand, understood? – Therefore of where boot is not taken off and not if another money in the place, you he is without nothing. Vov scholar Maria, not wise person who had a great economist formed in the experience of the life. Eita vov porreta! Atia!.

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