National Grain Board

All are watching to see what happens, so far I have not received any call from producers who want to sell about this issue (of the Government initiative). Guided by the versions that have emerged so far, the major question that we must make is the following: how would it work this joint entity? In principle it is known that the entity would act as a sort of company witness. Official site: Mental Health Monday. The joint venture may act in the market as an operator more, buying and selling with the aim of keeping under control the price of grains, determining a sort of price support for the producer. The object that would have the body joint, as he has hinted, is greater transparency in the grain market and prevent abuse by large companies that control the market. It may also have sanctioning power against monopolistic behaviors of large collectors. Moreover, with the creation of this agency, the Government achieved the objective of avoiding the producers to retain part of the harvest as it is happening currently with Soybean growers. An entity which fulfilled a similar role has already existed in Argentina.

The National Grain Board which fixed a minimum price for farmers. From the different representatives of the field there is fear about the implications of the official project. Mario Llambias, President of Argentine rural confederations (CRA), did not want to rush a judgment thereon up to not know in detail the project: when we look at the small print, will know what it is. In the site parliamentary Agro criticizing the initiative saying: A Bill that recreates the national board grains (JNG) was recently introduced in the Senate and has already been widely disseminated among operators, analysts, and entities. In a moment in which the agricultural sector is struggling on the domestic front to achieve a non-discriminatory treatment, with regard to tax policy and on the front outer so that the core countries unlocked the grain market it seems untimely to propose the creation of a statewide organization to regulate trade in our production.

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