North Sea Coast Holiday

If you a tourist or a native on a North Sea island or in the North Sea coast, enjoy traveling by bike is certainly aware of this phenomenon. In the morning you go for example on the island of Fohr in the east of Oldsum Wyk and after struggling with a significant headwind. On the way back in the afternoon you have to do it again with the wind. In the night cools off in clear weather more than the land to sea. Consequently, the lake rises above the warmer air up, the cooler air sinks over the country to the ground and flows into the lake, so that is the sea breeze. This process takes so long until the country has warmed during the day so that no compensation is more of the air masses. The sea breeze keeps ie up to at lunchtime. On the day in the summer the country strong, warm the little lake.

Therefore, the land rises to over fired air and is replaced by the influx of sea air. We have land in the afternoon wind, adding to the stress of cyclists on the ride home. The effect of land and sea breeze makes noticeable in the North Sea in the islands, and about 10-15 km up into the interior. The greater the temperature differences between land and sea are, the greater the wind speed and the affected zone. To exploit the land and the sea breeze, our cyclists could go from morning to Oldsum Utersum, so west, and set the way back to the afternoon. Sailors use the effect, in which they go out in the morning with (before) the wind on the lake and in the afternoon, again with a tail wind, effortlessly sail back again.

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