Online German Course In The Luggage Of Borrello

“Frank-Walter Steinmeier brings DUO notebook in the Iraq when German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was surprisingly recently in the Iraq, he had a very special gift in the case: the University of Baghdad, he gave a DUO notebook”. A complete learning environment of the German-uni online (DUO) is installed on the computer. It should be the initial spark to make future modern German lessons in Baghdad and Iraqi students to prepare their stay at a German University. As the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD) is a self-study centre for German cooperation with the German Department at the University of Baghdad. The German learners over the Internet on the multimedia DUO German modules to access in the self studying Center. Tutors on-site will intensively support the learner and ensure successful German learning.

The German-uni online (DUO) is a bid made by academic University preparation and test development (guest) e. V. is DUO at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat in Munich developed and supported by the German Academic Exchange service. DUO offers a Web-based learning platform for the teaching of the German language and major foreign languages. The individual modules can be combined and include 3,000 lessons. DUO is tailored to students, academics and professionals.

To provide a learner-oriented choice of course, according to level of knowledge, learning and linguistic applications of elementary teaching about the linguistic preparation of the study to the targeted language training. The learning content is up-to-date and multimedia, all language skills are trained. A sophisticated feedback system ensures interaction between the tutor, learners and learning platform. While the tutor has a key function: in addition to task correction and learning progress he motivates learners through intensive care and promotes the communication in the virtual class. More information: duo_webshop/portal/Home/news_0901.htm

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