Open Djala

It smells the wine with small pauses for not acostumbrarte. The aroma that comes off the chalice wine remembers the immature fruit to you (often in white wines)? Or the scent of the violet or other flowers? Then probably one will be a young wine. The scent is however the one of the mature fruit? Or of the syrup fruit? Or remembers to you the perfume of some species? Then it is a mature wine. Another small secret: you have seen expert of wine turn the chalice and watch the walls of the same and you have wondered yourself did why it? Well, after to have turned the chalice they lower to several gotitas, that before lowering small arcs form. The arcs are pequeitos? Then it is a very alcoholic wine, you do not drink too much! They are very ample? Little alcoholic wine. Gotitas lowers express? Attention: it could be a wine of little structure, to understand &quot to us; enough aguado". If gotitas lowers slowly it will be a structured wine (and perhaps a fantastic wine).

We see a very important aspect now: The wine uses fresh or room temperature? If you have a white wine it is important to serve it fresh (to 10-12 degrees). I do not commit the error to drink hot white wine! If however it is a red wine it you can serve room temperature: whenever there are not 30 degrees in the room! And it remembers: if you have a bottle of a good mature red wine you do not drink it just open. Open Djala one hour: thus the wine " abrir" and you will be able to savor better the flavor and the aroma. Some indications that allow you to recnocer a good wine of a less common wine? Helos here: the balance, the intensity and the persistence. The wine is too acid? Or too alcoholic? Or you feel a strange flavor in the mouth you drink when it? Then it is deals with a wine little balanced, surely a wine of little quality.