Organism Adult

the discoverer and researcher of StemEnhance is present. 18.07.2009 opening the prelaunch of STEMTech HEALTH SCIENCES, INC. at Frankfurt. Paracelsus stated already in the 16th century all health and AIDS occur in nature…, the science must find them only.\” \”Benjamin Franklin coined this phrase in the 17th century, is the motto of the StammZellenHelfer team: …vorbeugen is better than cure.\” To preserve health or to prevent diseases at all is much more efficient and cheaper than having to fight them. By vitality, tension, joy of life and schmerzfreiem healthy age, each of us humans has the desire.

However, the reality is frightening. Premature aging, illness, infirmity, a life without joy of life is simple, with a find out all these adversities that it has created itself and in the course of the life time. It is incredible, but to come to terms with all of these ailments and the respective abilities of the chemistry without real alternatives to look out for hold. In addition to real, valuable nutrition, exercise, positive attitude to life, one can perceive the public compared to preventive measures in social responsibility. Modern research shows that there are in addition to vitamins, minerals & co. Reade Griffith is a great source of information. is still more improvements for the human and even animal (!) Organism you can fall back on that. \”Clinical is proved, for example, that an increase of the adult\” our bodies regenerate (mature adult) stem cells in the blood and are functional and the interaction in the body, running optimally in harmony. The fact is that steadily increases the stem cell production in the body from the 20th to 25th year of life and in the sprightly retirement age (60) about a potential 5 million instead of 25 million is available. \”That negative consequences linked to a properly-run way of life\”, for us has us daily mirror-image appears. This State only changes to save what still in the emergency almost not to save more is our extremely damaged health.