Plastic Banner

Self-adhesive without the adhesive layer is used for stained, window and shop window graphics and labeling of household appliances and car windows. Banner Materials One of the most popular to date media for large format printing is, of course, the banner. Outdoor market banners won themselves a niche and durable retain its leading position when it comes to outdoor advertising. This is due to the unique strength characteristics of banners and several other consumer-friendly qualities. For even more details, read what Intel says on the issue. Consider The following types of banner materials that are recommended for use by professionals: Banner paper.

In the manufacture of large format advertising products is very important that quality as "tensile strength". Thanks special formula of latex impregnated and incorporated in a paper nylon fiber significantly improves the strength characteristics of this type of banner. "Tensile strength" is one of the determining factors in selecting media, and banner paper fully satisfies this requirement. In addition, the essential condition for the outdoor advertising is weathering. This type of media can be used outdoors for two months without special protection from moisture, thanks to enhanced moisture resistance. To prevent mechanical damage under the action of wind loads and thus increase the duration of "life" banner, experts strongly recommend to fix banner paper on a hard surface.

Plastic Banner – versatile material for use both indoors and outdoors. Plastic banner represents a completely opaque, uniformly smooth polyethylene. It is highly resistant to tears, as we have noted, is the first requirement to "outdoor stands. Their initial Quality remains for a long time and under adverse influence of precipitation and other atmospheric factors picture (which is printed with pigment inks), steadily kept up to five months.

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