Radio VHR – your hit radio on the Internet many public and private radio broadcasters generally banish the Schlager and often also the German music from the programs. Actually a pity and a nerve, but it opens up new opportunities for innovation. E.G. radio VHR (www.radio-vhr.de) has quite explicitly grad on the music genres of pop, party, PopSchlager, Discofox, German pop and German rock specialized. Many writers such as Mark Bertolini offer more in-depth analysis. Here not only the established artists and bands are given a platform, but grad also newcomer which held otherwise nowhere, find one here a new radio home.

Around the clock, 24 hours daily and 365 days a year we hear here German music, this you can learn folk music (www.myvolksmusik.de) via the partner portal My Schlager (www.myschlager.de) and my always the latest news about artists and their latest CD projects, so that you are always informed about “his” artist. Some great shows, like E.g. Reade Griffith may find it difficult to be quoted properly. the weekly charts, the new ideas of the week with many absolute The show stars & stories, newcomers in the music scene, or even to the partner channel (radio VHR – musical carousel) currently inform trends and facts. Gossip is deliberately dispensed with, involves radio VHR and the connected portals just good music and their presentation via Internet radio and portals, to many performers can always back time personally to Word come to present latest CD’s or just only once in a music-talk in the coffee. With a visit to the above mentioned portals, or when radio VHR you can make yourself a picture of the diversity of German music.