Precious Credibility

The concept of doing business has changed dramatically since the beginning of the Internet. To begin with, the costs they are reduced to a minimum, potential customers has increased, and opportunities are now better than ever for people who want to leave their traditional work and start working on your own from your computer. Information and resources available free offer is incredible. So much so that many people blame the saturation of information as the main reason for not advancing. It is disturbing to know that. Both Council and information resources are ready and available people consumes too much and comes to paralyze is trying to decide which direction to go.

In the history of the business, this is one of the best times to start. Unfortunately and that precisely because now more than ever there are more lies, distorted information and false experts. So it is time to ask yourself: what is the word most important in this business? The single word that has to be always present whenever you’re working on your computer? Money? Productivity? Profit? Surely each one of us has different answers but all of them are going after the most important word in this business: credibility if you are not authentic and reliable your audience soon stop listening to you, your customers will not buy (and pay you) and you lose one of the best coins that you have. Even in the vastness of the Internet lack of credibility stands out and can be detected quickly. If you create a product or service you must create it based on your passion and something that you have real experience.

Anyone can say that he is an expert in any technique but unless they used this technique with great results, the words mean nothing and the technique is useless. Anyone can say that he works at home but to work at home all you need to do is not go to the Office, quit your job and turn on your computer. Of course, the real test is whether you can work at home creating a thriving business and keep it for a long time. If it is not, your adventure for working at home will have a very short duration. Unfortunately, in an industry like this, full of people who talk too, worth being alert and be careful in whom we trust and above all seek people with real credibility. It must not fall into the game of many experts that promise you that make you rich in a few days and very easily. Many of them charge thousands of dollars to teach people how to do business when they themselves have not none, beware of the false promises of quick profits lasting gains are much better. More important still: earn your credibility and keep it always, that it is present in everything that you do. It is the asset more precious that you and your business have.