Prevent Rather Than Cure

The MED. Vital centre in Schleiden informed the causes of back pain can be very numerous and complex. In most cases they caused by muscle tension, which can irritate a nearby nerve. Muscle tension caused by regular poor posture or improper strain of the spine. Other factors may be lack of exercise, obesity, incorrect lifting techniques and mental stress. Prevention offers the only meaningful protection. Appropriate measures informed Dr.

med. G. BREIER, General Med. osteopath Thursday from the MED. vital centre in Schleiden.

To have healthy back and never complaints, make one on diet and exercise is becoming rarer and rarer. However, there are many measures which can effectively help. This includes a healthy and above all balanced diet first. This ensures that muscles and ligaments are supplied with sufficient nutrients which is the basis for a good function. Overweight in high favors back pain Extent in this regard benefits of a healthy diet, because it ensures a constant weight. The body requires generally much liquid this also applies to the back. For example, the intervertebral discs of water need to stay flexible. 2 Litres per day are recommended. Movement is also an important preventive measure. Because who is active, supported and significantly relieves the spine and strengthens the muscles of the back. Exercises can be integrated in everyday life. But also a targeted training is useful. The MED. vital centre in Schleiden offers the Milon premium circle. With him targeted and promoted controlled strength and endurance and muscle strength improves.