Prime Minister Netanyahu

35. With respect to the agreement, Prime Minister Netanyahu would have that receiving a letter from President Clinton the next morning (one of the approximate 30 letters they had promised the Americans) guaranteeing the release of Pollard for the 11 November 1998, a week after legislative elections in the United States. The negotiation of Pollard was that achievement close the agreement in Wye and achievement that the Summit be a success so that the signing ceremony is planned for the following morning in Washington, on Friday, 23 October 1998. 36. Only a few hours before the signing ceremony, Prime Minister Netanyahu received all American documents that is you had promised, except one, which guaranteed the release of Jonathan Pollard. Netanyahu threaten not to participate in the signing ceremony until the document that included Pollard is not. Clinton said, believe me and Netanyahu, knowing the double discourse of Clinton on Pollard for the second time were nego. Netanyahu demanded that in the document of warranty, Pollard absencia should be released into their custody immediately, or not there would be no signing ceremony.

Arik Sharon support for Netanyahu and they threatened to leave Wye unsigned agreements. 37. To release pressure to President Clinton, the head of the CIA George Tenet circulated to the press the imminent release of Pollard in a deliberate and successful attempt to torpedo the agreement. Sending emissaries to Capitol Hill to bring forward emergency meetings with Senators leaders and members in order to gain their support to denounce publicly the release of Pollard. Many lies were spoken by emissaries from the CIA about Jonathan Pollard for asi to convince legislators to act gently and unison. Believing the lies, legislators began to take actions to prevent the release of Jonathan Pollard. 38 Meanwhile in Wye, under pressure and even fearful of Netanyahu does not repent, Clinton business quickly a private position with Netaniahu: Clinton prometeria reveer quickly publicly the Pollard case and would use that revision to release Pollard a few months later, in parallel to the release of 750 Palestinian terrorists who were part of the price that Israel should pay to free Pollard. Under intense pressure publishes and betrayed by his own Defense Minister, Yitzhak Mordejai, who joined Clinton, Netanyahu Hill and accept this private agreement. The signing ceremony took place in Washington as he had been programmed. Original author and source of the article.