Professional Development

Continued formation and the process of professional development of Adailson professors Dos Santos Sena SUMMARY This article will treat regarding the formation of the professors. As starting point reflections on the formative process of the educators and futures professors for the mediation of the process teach-learning. In this aspect, the professor becomes one of the main actors of these changes, therefore, its formation and practical its have been and continue being study reason. We perceive that the professor profession is very arduous, but that for who really wants to make the difference goes in search of new possibilities to include in practical its new methodologies, that will go to contribute in its work and the quality of education. Between these alternatives they include the formation processes, as the history of life of some professors, some that decide to enter in the career for the fact only not to have another option, others because they like, love the profession.

In this direction it has necessities to reflect on this practical professor and from the moment that this has a reflection on the life experiences already having a relation with the formation process. The theoretical formation and the practical one will be able to contribute for the improvement of the quality of education since the social changes that will be able to generate transformations in what it refers to the teach-learning are decurrent of a quality education, where will be necessary a professional and personal qualification. In this direction the educators will be able to reflect on practical its and from looking perfectionings there that could be courses of graduation, after-graduation, mestrado, doutorado or even though lectures, book seminaries, readings between them of great theoreticians of the education. From the study of the same ones to collate the ideas, experiences lived deeply for the same ones and to make the association with the problems faced in the practical professor in order a reply for the problems faced in classroom.

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