Scherezade Lozano

, because the guilty list is interminable. And your you have guilty and faults in your life? In the pilot’s seat it only can have a person. And the position of pilot in your life must be occupied by you, nevertheless that does not happen when you yield that so important position in your life since then you become passenger. In a passenger who not this in agreement one with the route that the pilot takes, but who nevertheless does not want to assume the control of this trip, your life. History is an almanac of human beings who do not have counted with resources and that have reached all dreams, human beings who have had a very difficult childhood and that they have reached all sleepy, human beings that they have been to overcome all class of obstacles and that have reached all dreams. Why? Because they are human beings who do not have yielded the control of its lives, their positions pilots to anything or to anybody.

Human beings who have not used their time in entertaining guilty faults nor, nor its energy in entertaining hatreds and resentments. To take the control post of our lives is something wonderful. Sometimes although we took the mistaken route, this only serves us to learn more, to turn to us into better pilots. And it is that the route of the life is not a way perfectly drawn up and is indeed this the purpose, that each of us we draw up our own way and this we only can carry out it when we are arranged and preparations to seat us in the position of pilot of our life. Happy trip! , without suitcases of guilty faults nor. With a fascinating and wonderful way in front of you.

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