Security Road

In the most recent regional meeting on celebrated road security in El Salvador, the past day 2 of September, that constituted the Ministerial Conference of Transport and Infrastructure, previous to the next summit of Latin American Chiefs of State, considered two fundamental points, that is to say: creation of Association Latin American of Security Road, whose restoration will be in charge of the Ministers responsible for the Road Security of the Latin American States that will have a multi-sector approach, according to its own Statutes within the framework of the Latin American Space of Road Security and whose objectives will be oriented to diminish the road sinisterness in each one of the Member States, by means of the implantation of measures and tending activities to reduce the number of traffic accidents; forming the base to advance towards the creation of a Strategic Plan of Road Security in Ibero-America ? Propiciar the creation of a Latin American Observatory of Road Security, like center of reference for the sinisterness data The Dominican Republic like signatory to the General Secretariat Iberoamericana will have to take refuge in the resolutions that will be emitted within the framework of XVIII the Summit Latin American of Government and Chiefs of State, motto Youth and Fortification of the Latin American Space of Road Security. As far as the center of storing and data processing on the road sinisternesses also suggested, obvious this thinking about the trustworthiness of the information and the homologation of the same to evaluate the situations and to develop to plans and effective programs. After eight years of conducted the studies of the United Nations, through the World-wide Organization of the Health, the World Bank IT ENTRUSTS and it, like the motivations of the Spanish government for the formation of a Latin American Association and the constitution of the Permanent Regional Committee of Road Security directed by President Oscar Arias Sanchez, demonstrates the global preoccupation to swear in epidemic in the transit, and in that sense the subject in Europe will treat next, supported by the Russian Federation. Around 2000 deaths they take place annually in the Dominican Republic by traffic accidents, the millionaire casualties inflicted by deaths, traumatisms, affected properties, stop consumption of fuel and electrical energy in the routes, damages to the environment, etc. motivate to serious preoccupations. Latin America destines near US$100,000 million every year, according to the Organization of the United Nations to traumatisms caused by traffic accidents, whose particular situation we have not evaluated in Dominican Republic. Nevertheless, all those elements previously mentioned, are so that the governments worldwide, not only of our Nation it puts attention to the Road Security.

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