Skin Company

All this is united to technical outposts of pick up and attention to the client, with an exclusive and ecological technology and a distinguishing decoration of Boutique of the Cleaning. Pressto has a very clear idea of the franchise-holder profile that wants for its network: that he has the same philosophy on watch that has the company, vitalista, entrepreneur, with vision of business long term and that dedicates to the project all the human necessary resources, technical and economic. In addition, this company has developed to new schemes of businesses and complementary services for the franchise-holders, eg:? Press Skin: service of treatment and cleaning of skins and delicate articles; Press Carpet: service of cleaning of carpets, moquettes and tapestries; Press Toke: dedicated service to the adjustment and article composures; Press Shade: laundry tax exemption self-service ; Press Car: tax exemption dedicated to the integral restoration of the automobile. Pressto is a mark with capital 100% Spanish and is a clear example of case of the international thanks to its experience in cleaning and taken care of success of the clothes. He is present at world-wide level through his more than half thousand of establishments. Its commitment with the quality, rapidity, image of mark and treatment have turned customized it into the company leader of the sector. In Spain, the chain of tax exemptions is present in all the independent communities with 231 operative units, of which 35 are own and the rest franchise-holders.