Social Stability

FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS. – After feeling in ours cogote, the glances of the global vision of the previous point, I believe that we would have to come a: To review check list located to the foot of this artculoValorar the Intellectual Capital of Company and comunicarloInformar by all means of our activities with the Environment and RSCValorar with exactitude as it will be the financial vision of our datosConfeccionar if is possible Report complementary February to the Tax of annual Societies and Cuentas of the RM, indicating if we have the ISO of quality, etc, etc. To prepare a report for the shareholder, case of being necessary and of separated form, that picks up the deviations to the Strategic and Budgetary Plan, Rough draft of intentions of the following exercise, Evolution and reasoning of the dividend that is tried to establish, and conclusions with respect to the Financial Image before third parties, Social Stability, Image of Mark, Bottom of Commerce, and other variable worthy external interns or of mention. PS. – As always, I will be enchanted to have a discussion or clearly to discuss on the concepts that it has not described or, or that simply they have abundant and clear areas of improvement. I am in That you have today in addition, magnificent day. JESUS DUBLIN Original author and source of the article.