Sport Scholarship

To train and to study simultaneously. This one is the attractive proposal of the American universities for the sportsmen amateur who integrate themselves in their classrooms. Besides designing for them a training program that combines the academic activity with the sport one, they provide an economic aid to them to finance part or the totality of the expenses. The Spanish students can also accede to these scholarships. It is only necessary to fulfill the requirements of access to the education superior in the North American country and to have a good sport level in some of the 35 modalities for which they grant themselves. Soccer, tennis, golf or hockey on grass are the disciplines in which they honor the college students of our country more.The United States is the main destiny of the international college students. Attractive of the their academic programs and relevance of many of their institutions is some of the factors that take more than 670,000 foreign students to choose every east year country to attend their studies superiors. Another factor, not less important, is the significant one number of scholarships and aid that grants the universities North American.

In many cases, these are essential to confront the high costs of the studies in some centers, between 15,000 and 45,000 annual Euros. According to the report " Open Doors" elaborated by the Institute of Educacin Internacional (IIE), the main organization of cultural and educative interchange of the United States, a 35% of the foreign aspirings receives some type of aid to finance her academic race.A good number of these aid appoints sportsmen. The sport occupies a place privileged in the American universities. The majority counts on equipment formed by students, who compete in national or state categories in different disciplines. The profits and levels reached about these form part of prestige and quality that is granted to him to each educative institution.

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