Some of the apathy to combat are:-provides little textual content and not interested in drafting them strategically for the web. -Focuses on details trivial project. Classic, wants to see your logo transforming into robot, but not interested in put the web address on your business cards. -He thinks that usability is a style of programming. When we explain the importance of shipping and the communicational approach, you can simply say if I understand, but I prefer the menu with images. -Etc.

(soon I will write an article specific about the immense amount of apathy) the project not is so profitable as to give us the fantasy is lost over time and every day we become more worldly and realistic, little by little is dying that young idealist who was delivered to the maximum to a project, although pay does not cover that about effort. No doubt pay invoices, payroll and gasoline also makes us professionals, it forces us to think in terms of monetary profitability and value more our work and time. Even though we are aware of the benefit and professional pride that gives, having a full representative of our project portfolio capacity, there comes a time in which our survival instinct leads us to be practical and cold with some projects, whose profitability do not cover our willingness. It should be noted that I do not mean to or not to do things which we committed ourselves in offering services that we deliver to the customer, but that extra share of creativity and work that as professionals we tend to give to our projects, which represent the difference between delivering a satisfactory project and one fabulous. PROJECTS without a future one thing is you not mind customer usability or positioning and another very different is that not even you cares really what will happen with your site, I don’t look, because it happens, I have had more than a customer that I’ve wondered if not you will be washing money with the project, because it simply shows a confusing lack of interest, on the one hand want a beautiful web, but by another is not works for anything, nor has any idea how that will contribute to your business. Professional ethics compels us to help settle their ideas and give them our about how make a web, a tool for your business marketing. And if it still his confusion, I think that nobody us can indicate whether we cease to be altruistic and we focus on the work for which we paid. After all who wants to complicate your life without.

Now they see because you Titrate it realities that hurt, nobody said that work on the web was the most selfless profession in the world. And says them is someone who could fall into a State of autism irreversible if one day the internet disappeared. WORDS late believe me I love the web, and I always do my maximum effort to persuade the customer empathize and identify totally with the project, but does not always work and then have no more than activate autopilot and finalize the project as presentable as possible.

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