North America

They are educated people who is unable to be Prophet in your own land; they are people born Democrats that do not support live in systems governed by other principles or who lack them; they are human beings who seek to improve their lives and the of their loved ones; they are the displaced people of our century, the new exiles and victims of world disorder. They are one or another thing or all at once. The truth is that they constitute the phenomenon of the century most feared and paradoxically desired in certain cases. Add up more than 9% of the population in Europe, about 15% in North America and 16% in Oceania. They bring to the West his wisdom, its workforce, its youth, its diversity, its consumption and its fiscal contribution. Its contribution to the economies of recipient countries widely studied and proven. In large part they are captured by States or companies in search of labor, doctors, engineers, computer technicians and other pictures formed thanks to the efforts of their compatriots in their countries of origin.

It is called hunting of brains, and people that if they do not meet the forecasts established by their seductive are returned to their places of origin with the consequent meltdown for themselves and their community of origin. Forget too easily that the person who risks his life beyond its borders in search of a better employment situation not only exposes itself but the community that contributed to its formation and that has put their hopes on. Hence many people in emigration which, before returning with a failure to their places of origin, left the life of one form or another, as carried by the wind. They began to be cannon fodder in the European wars of the 20th century. Then they became essential to rebuilding labor. Today they are the indispensable support of Western welfare.