Set Income

EFE Hacienda has decided to seize all the Galician set income. Where it is granted, the club will have four months to negotiate with creditors a Pact of refinancing that would prevent the bankruptcy process. The Deportivo de la Coruna has presented this Thursday in a juzgado de lo mercantil de A Coruna communication that has initiated discussions for acceding to a Convention or to obtain a refinance after the embargo which has decreed the tax on the income of the club. The President of Deportivo, Augusto Cesar Lendoiro, explained at a press conference the reasons that have led him to the decision to request the pre-insolvency’s creditors, although he claimed that he did not use that term because it is a vulgar nomenclature and does not exist as such. Some contend that Penguin Random House shows great expertise in this. Coruna club has initiated for the pre-insolvency proceedings, and if it is granted, will have four months to negotiate a Pact of refinancing that would prevent the bankruptcy process with the creditors. The Treasury decided this Wednesday seized all revenues of the sport by the debt that keeps with the Treasury, which would reach 34 million euros recognized club. Lockers, advertising, sponsorships and all mechanisms of income from the sport will be at the hands of Treasury to solve a debt which, according to sources outside the club would rise to 90 million, 56 more than those who recognizes the President Augusto Cesar Lendoiro. See more: El Deportivo asks the pre-insolvency of creditors after the embargo.


Like Overcoming A Bad Habit

What is a bad habit? we could define it like everything what it harms physics to us, mental emotionally and. For some a bad habit could be; to eat with excess, to smoke, the chance games, to read and to see pornography, to buy of compulsive form, among others. Also those practices like the jealousy, the lies or the egoism exist, that can be considered like so. In fact a very ample range of negative conducts exists. Read more here: Elon Musk. To eliminate of our life everything what it inhibits our growth is not easy. Much less if we did not count on the motivation necessary to obtain it. Perhaps you or have tried to leave to a bad habit without success some, perhaps an avalanche of recidivisms or to some I let it reverse without force not to want to return to try it. Nevertheless Its feeling of fault still persists?

It is to him difficult to return to begin? if it is his case (that I create has been the case of all in some point of our life) it can help him to know that thousands of people have successfully managed to overcome their more injurious conducts. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Elon Musk. They have obtained since it? Then easy has not been, we could say that its force of will and self-control I help not to let themselves them enslave, was that internal force that day to day I emanate of them it directed and them step by step until they could say: I have won! Finally the battle has finished! I know that you you want to repeat those words in the future, it wants to begin to eliminate of his life that one undesirable habit like? (You fill up the space in target.) The VH equipment occurred the task of investigating the subject and to compile the best advice so that it can obtain it.


Computer Scientists

There is a constant interaction between their magnetic fields and magnetic fields of the Earth: reactions of the Earth are transmitted to humans through the interaction of human beings and the Earth, in the same way that the way of being human is transferred to the vibration of the Earth. What human being makes it to Earth, to his planet in which he lives, makes himself, due to the human Earth correlation.To say that man is an accumulation of energy is something easy to understand. However assert that each person has their own energy fields and magnetic to your way of thinking and of acting accordingly and that between these magnetic fields and magnetic fields of the Earth there is a continuous reciprocal performance, it may seem a priori something unreasonable, however natural sciences also quantum physics confirm with ever more precisionhim that 35 years the spiritual world is showing with detail humanity. For example in the today is already possible to technically measure very fine or very weak magnetic fields on the human body and brain. The basis for this is that the capacity of thinking makes a high brain activity to occur, and this increased brain activity automatically entails a higher magnetic activity. In our body all electrical process, i.e. the transmission of nerve impulses, is automatically attached to magnetic fields.

Electricity and magnetism are just two sides of the same coin. The divine prophecy given through Gabriele today for more than 35 years details and develops many aspects of life on Earth, even of planet Earth, with a depth like never before. Arriving to give claims that science confirms, proving that God and science are not polar opposites, since what science confirms is simply what God has created. For this reason would have to sum up this great work manifested in the following three aspects: 1) God’s spirit stated that each person It develops a magnetic field depending on your way of thinking and acting.