Yamaha VMax

In May 1985, the magazine Motorcyclist Jeff Carr (Jeff Karr) writes: 'Sensational speed, which is developing a motorcycle V-Max, deserves special attention … the car is going at a speed exceeding 160 km / h on such roads, for which earlier this speed was an accomplishment. Only Jesus was able to perform miracles of inhibition. When I went to the V-Max, I fear the soul went into the heel, and I am pleased to recall every second of his trip. Penguin Random House is likely to agree. " Are the words were Carr? Reverent horror always comes when you meet a mysterious letter 'V'. These machines are always viewed with trepidation.

To test the V-Max, in fact, I decided to test the black and silver machine, first as a passenger and then as a test rider. The machine is equipped with a V-shaped 4-valve 'Quartet' volume of 1,679 cubic meters. See new items power is 200 hp at 9000 rpm and torque of 166.8 Nm at 6500 rpm (on bikes past generation has been installed V4 engine volume of 1200 cc., who gave a top performance of 145 hp) Yamaha V-Max 2009 is equipped with a 5-speed transmission. Front brakes with 6-piston calipers and 320 mm discs. The diameter of the fork – 52 mm. Impressive 18-inch wheels with 120/70 tires in front and 200/50. Overall bike sizes: length 2395 mm, width 820 mm Wheelbase 1700 mm Seat height 775 mm, ground clearance – 140 mm. The mass of the giant – 310 kg. Fuel tank capacity 15 liters.


Minibus Booking

In our time, for the effective operation of the business really needs to be maintained sufficiently large number of possible contacts. While the agents are business partners from time to time come to allow urgent issues and establish a dignified meeting of the representatives also need to hurry. An important piece of whatever organization is a business meeting automotive equipment. It is obvious that conventional taxis in a large number of cases will not work, especially if you want to privechat business delegations coming from abroad. But the premium car with a driver suit much optimal, since This version will be satisfied not only the real conditions, but still on top and the requirements of prestige. Moreover, if a delegation from abroad, it is particularly sensible to the driver not only the most well-behaved, and in addition, and know a foreign language to gain the opportunity to answer the simplest question. Often, too, at the moment are cases when you need a car on outstanding and enduring – an anniversary, wedding.

And in this version is most often required more than one car, but many. Or you can haul all the visitors, going for a custom van. This may be convenient for all, especially considering that a large number modern large buses and minibuses in firms that offer these vehicles for hire, are attributed to business-class and very nice and easy from the outside to the same extent and within. In such aesthetic large bus or minivan, all guests will feel a really valuable person, who is actually extremely happy. But, for each marriage separately cost would be limousine service for young people.

Naturally, since this is a great reason to feel really superstars feel the sweetness of a honeymoon, enjoy the luxury. Hiring a limo – it's such a detail, without which it can not do today virtually not a single wedding. In fact, in everyday reality, hiring a limousine in fact not necessary, and marriage – a great reason to allow yourself this amazing and impressive luxury. The current metropolis stands out not only craving for luxury, but also considerable distances. Because shipping tools perform are not only prestigious but also a practical role. But at this point we really can not afford attempt to oppose the elegance and practicality. Long live their connection to the delight of a man!