Sherlock Holmes

Translation of Erika c/heetham: ' ' For the glad young the esplendor brilliant will not shine more, for long time will lack salt to it. With merchants, ruffians, wolves, all confusion of the monster universal' '. In estrofe, the expression ' ' glad jovem' ' it was not metaphor for ' ' democracia' ' (as they had said). It was the alive reality of a beautiful Princess who all dimmed the world with its esplendor brilliant. But, then early, the life of Lady Diana if became insossa (sans sel), lasting, thus, for long time.

Nostradmus alone used metaphor to if it related to the economy and international politics (monstre universelle). Independent of being princess, Lady Di was dressed very modernly. It passed if to relate with an Arab millionaire, of Dodi name, son of Mahomed al Fayed, owner of the store of Harrods clothes that, in commercial terms, is identified as the temple of the world-wide fashion, where only vendem carssimas feminine clothes — true ' ' temple of the Diana&#039 goddess; ' — this relationship can have represented a danger politician. Lady Diana must have if involved with merchants, libertines and hateful wolves of international politics e, perhaps for this, was deceased in August of 1997, one attempted against with a Mercedes automobile, guided to the speed of 155 km/h, when (it is presumed), paparazzi ran away with Dodi of a persecution of reporters. The proper Mahomed al Fayed said, in day 12.08.99, that the act was one attempted against, but the inquiry of the Scotland Yard concluded (in day 11.01.99) for the guilt of chofer, without explaining, however, as km/h fixed the accurate speed of 155, attributed to the vehicle in escape! But, the last phrase of estrofe X-35 speaks of a death provoked for the unknown man, come of the Marne. The decipher of this last word — Marne, river of France, or Maine, Been American? –, it is alone what it is lacking to unmask the enigma. The best track is there and twists so that a Sherlock Holmes appears that retakes the inquiry of the Scotland Yard. In estrofe X-35, Nostradamus, exactly after deceased, it showed until where went its intelligence. + + +


Carlos Marx

After many years, if they reencontraram and they had not left the routine to lunch every day together. Intelligent men. Intellectuals in its specific areas. Rogrio became psychologist and a recognized psychoanalyst.

Landmarks were philosopher and author of some books, beyond being university professor. Carlos Marx, a marxist intellectual, was engaged in social movements, arrived to receive prizes international. Antonio, in turn, was author of some books on the right of the animals. Here it is then, a meeting of high level. – That good for being one more time lunchhing together. Rogrio commented. – But today you do not seem to be very well? The friend said philosopher.

– In fact, I am not very well today. To my they leave me patients wild. – Why it does not look a psychiatrist? – Already I have one folloies that me has three years. I finished to bind, but the secretary informed that it had one occasions and is interned. – Moan. The philosopher said while he delighted himself with a sip of wine. Carlos Marx enters in the colloquy: – You had to go its farm and to rest a little. Case sees mine. To deal with workers of plant and to these leaves me movements depressive. What I make then? I go to the house of a friend entrepreneur, we talk, we drink, we speak of women. Soon! I leave new in leaf. – Perhaps it has reason? Half seized Antonio said the psychoanalyst with voice, in turn, he seemed other people’s to the colloquy of the friends. But it commented: – Today they capricharam, this pernil of pig you to a delight. While they chewed had pause. But the sound of the places setting in plates and the sonorous sips of Antonio. Finally, the philosopher breaks silence. – I go to say a thing to you. This business of depression does not catch me. I have one known that it is Father-of-Saint and that me of the advice. I have a wife submissa that not me of the work, in addition, taste of films. – Personal, I go going. I go to catch a swimming pool little daqui. Carlos said Marx, without giving attention in what the friend finishes to say. – He is. Also I have that to go? The philosopher spoke looking at for the psychoanalytic friend. Antonio, cleaning the mouth, arose itself and left without saying nothing. Rogrio was alone during some time. Later it asked for to the account and a cup d? water. It was in the hour to take its Diazepam.