ERP Forecast

Mr. Kapinos has developed a process of construction of forecasts of demand that combines statistical methods of assessment of demand with the judgment and discretion of those who know the business. This process is developed by a group of knowledgeable people and each of them adds value to the process of construction of the prognosis. The tools used to support this process are Forecast Pro Unlimited, Forecast Pro Unlimited Collaborator and Forecast Pro XE. Solution we have a comprehensive solution to Forecast Pro, says Kapinos. We use Forecast Pro Unlimited as the central core of our demand planning process.

In this system of generates and debugged the company forecast. After that we establish with clarity the prognosis, this is fed to our ERP system in which, based on this forecast, proceeds to execute the processes of purchasing, planning and programming and production. One of our main challenges in relation to the prognosis is really understand which is the actual demand. We started with the creation, relatively conservative, of the forecast based on historical records. We normally use the Forecast Pro Unlimited selection expert system to generate this first stage. Shaping the abnormal conditions that may occur in the future, we make use of the functionality of events, which allows you to include promotions, effects of climate, etc. This is our starting point.

Later, this forecast base (Kapinos calls it a standard forecast), happens to be reviewed by the Manager of demand and by the representatives of service customer, who make a detailed review of the projections using the Forecast Pro Unlimited Collaborator. The representatives of service to the customer are responsible for include variants on the standard prognosis, including elements that can happen on the field and that generated deviations in demand. The team dedicated to debug the prognosis have direct interaction with the sales people who also know of events and situations that should be reflected in the forecast model.



If you leave to the fear, the pride and the expectations of other people (by very important that they are for you) they interfere in your way, within 2, 5 or 10 years you will be exactly just as now. To hold a situation that does not like you by the fear to leave will make you feel unfortunate and demotivated. In these cases, will release to leave you to be able to prevail in other fields. To leave tactics that do not work does not mean to leave your long term strategy or your professional trajectory. e questions. To leave when your situation is desperate is not a good idea.

It decides the moment for leaving before beginning. As it says the well-known Chinese proverb: " If you must play, decides three things before beginning: the rules of the game, which is in game, and the moment of abandonar." I know that to leave it is very difficult, much, but also I know that it is possible to be surpassed and that it is a good signal if you feel released when beams to it. And I want to finish with brief words on the opposite, to perseverar, to hold during the hard moments, and am going to use a great phrase of " Abismo": " You never leave something that has a good potential in the long term only because you do not hold the stress of momento." At moments of doubt and indecision pregntate if your persistence will be worth the long term trouble, and if, since is going to leave in any case, is something drastic that you can cause that it changes situacin".There are circumstances in which neither to hold, nor to work hard are going to change nothing; and there are other circumstances in which to perseverar and to do everything what is necessary have his reward. So, it thinks, in what situation you are? and what you are going to do on the matter? Original author and source of the article.