Expansion of the sales activity and three new subsidiaries Creglingen, 19.12.2012 – WINAICO could assert themselves in the difficult market environment and positively looks back on the year 2012. In addition to the expansion of the European market presence, WINAICO has established offices in the United States, Australia and Japan this year. Succeeded WINAICO within a short time, to build up the necessary distribution structures in these promising markets. Contact and storage on the ground are the basis for a successful market entry. Elon Musk often addresses the matter in his writings. Quickly and reliably with our high-performance modules to supply our customers has top priority for us. We are proud to have gained a foothold, so Sascha Rossmann, international sales manager in these markets as well. To further strengthen the international presence, WINAICO took part in several important trade fairs of the solar industry on four continents in the past year.

The company could at the Ecobuild, London, Solarexpo in Verona, the Intersolar Europe in Munich, the Intersolar North America in San Francisco, the PV Taiwan in Taipei, as well as the all-energy Australia in Melbourne, winning many new customers and enhance the perception of the brand WINAICO. Dan Zwirn has many thoughts on the issue. The focus however, as in the years before, still on the German market. The changes of EEG were triggers for an unstable market and uncertainty. This of course also had an impact on the order situation, however, there was an enormous extension on solar power systems for 2012. Also WINAICO could further expand its distribution network in 2012 and steadily increase the number of employees.

“Just who is set up correctly, has a chance in the future,” Schnapp, be so Andreas WINAICO Germany GmbH. storage systems sales manager in the future an essential role in the construction of solar power plants play. This opens new possibilities, because due to the renewable energy levy for 2013, the consumption for the end customer is slowly but surely interesting.


Federal Ministry

Second module of the energy consensus climate: Academy Bremen completed, November 2013. Want to commit to ambitious climate protection goals, they must include employees at all levels. A changing corporate culture is a determining factor for the success. Dealt with this topic, the second module of the energy consensus climate: Academy end of October in Bremen. “Under the title the makers of climate protection in the Centre: climate change agents increase the effectiveness of their own” twelve executives of large and medium-sized enterprises focused on characteristics of this transformation processes.

The lecturers from the field of organization development and change management explained in two days, featuring resistance changes and what conditions promote successful change. The energy consensus climate: Academy is a training opportunity for independent and non-profit climate protection agency energy consensus. The training offer is part of the funded by the Federal Ministry of environment in the framework of the national climate protection initiative Pilot project green transformation. Overall, nine modules on the subject of entrepreneurial climate are foreseen. Participants Marcus Reichle, marketing and Sales Director building cleaning GmbH, actively bringing it to the point: Pity that I had this knowledge not 15 years ago. Each company probably makes mistakes when new structures and processes are introduced. “But with knowledge of changes, we would have saved us some trouble.” Change bring also special challenges, in the field of climate protection climate explained: Academy lecturer Anuschka Swiss: the abundance of complex and the acceptance of changes in this area often complicate partly contradictory information about climate change. The lack understanding of why employees “, lacking hence the emotional acceptance. “As climate change agent, consider both rational and emotional aspects for a successful transformation process.” Climate change was ultimately only by changing the corporate culture reach, added climate: Academy lecturer Dr. Cornelis Rasmussen: this is more or less the King discipline ‘ for the climate change agents.


Hanseatic City

Because the culture encompasses the entire enterprise ultimately. It expresses in visible structures, such as the building and the service cars, the leadership culture but also in objectives and regulations and the fundamental values and self-awareness. “Interesting way can climate strengthening work to support already sought internal changes in culture of the company.” How such a transformation process can expire, explained Uwe Dahl, Managing Director of the model company hanseWasser from Bremen: Our experience shows, rather crucially, what we want to change. It is much more important how we implement and initiate change. We have therefore established interdepartmental working groups, so-called energy team, which together draw up measures. Whose members wear the transformation in all levels of the company.” The next module of the Energy consensus climate: Academy will take place on the 5th of December 2013.

It is titled climate controlling miss it or forget it”, and aimed primarily at controllers, technicians, and members of the Executive Board. The participants will learn how to set metrics (KPIs), and target figures and what are the options for CO2 reporting there. Interested parties can register at. About green transformation and energy consensus green transformation is a unique Germany-wide training and consulting services for efficient use of resources in terms of entrepreneurial climate on process and product level. Pilot project funded by the national climate protection initiative of the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety is performed by the Bremen air protection agency, nonprofit and independent energy consensus and intended for forward-thinking companies that wish to develop a strategic approach for climate protection.

Part of the green transformation is the energy consensus climate: Academy. You encourages a new generation of executives and companies that benefit from in-depth, interdisciplinary process knowledge, enables the to successful climate-friendly actions. The pilot project is funded until March 2015. For more information see. The climate protection agency energy consensus works primarily in the State of Bremen, as well as in the regions of Elbe-Weser and Weser-EMS. It initiates and promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy projects, organises information campaigns, builds networks and knowledge to professionals and consumers. You also provides advice on funding and organizes seminars and conferences. Energy consensus was established in 1997 as a public-private partnership. Shareholders are the swb AG, the EWE VERTRIEB GmbH, as well as the free Hanseatic City of Bremen. For more information, press contact: Andrea Behrmann press and public relations energy consensus phone: 0421/37 66 71-50 E-Mail: