The couch as the most popular furniture tick of the modern era. One of the most popular pieces of furniture is definitely the couch. Their popularity expresses alone the diversity of their names with lawn, sofa, couch, sofa, upholstered bench and many more. The couch is the central piece of upholstered furniture in the living room, she will be used almost constantly and must withstand accordingly much higher loads than table or Chair. For the above reasons, there are many homeowners who want to score in your favorite piece of furniture in the design of course.

Thus, it offers a touch of individuality and modernity. Any ordinary living room sophistication is designed by you with a lot and seems therefore multi-functional. There are many types of sofas, there would be individual sofas, sofa beds, mega sofas or whole living landscapes. One of the most persistent trends is the leather couch. Contemporary living was influenced by this piece of furniture. Of course, the classic is the color black. The biggest advantage of a leather couch is durability, with the insensitive Color black, they have a long term trend-setting solution.

Often, the ambience is characterised by pieces of furniture. Next to the fireplace after work are huge plates of food and tables, comfortable upholstered furniture, to the relax or encourage conviviality. You create the correct environment by small accessories. An own article could serve on the subject of accessories for sofas. As an example, we mention the stool. Current couch furniture purchased of a stool lends itself well to be sure. This is justified by the modern but very uncomfortable forms. “A narrow seat won’t load to the slouch” a. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Laurent Potdevin has to say. Here the stool that is integrated with some manufacturers as part of the foot, helps quickly. Joel Schmitt


Heating Thermostat

Free advice: the new ThermostatCheck on / thermostats are operated often and wear out are an integral part of each radiator and used especially in winter often: thermostatic valves. Like most technical devices they wear out with time. Then heating thermostats regulate the room temperature only still inaccurate. It consumes energy and increases the heating costs. Points that my heater can’t sponsored campaign of the Federal Ministry of the environment”there. An Exchange is due no later than once the thermostats can be difficult to move or the radiator regardless of the setting of the thermostat consistently hot, “says Tanja Loitz, Managing Director of co2online non-profit GmbH. The new ThermostatCheck helps consumers and on shows whether the own thermostats are still State of the art.

He also tells what type of thermostat for each heater is suitable and how much heating bills through an Exchange can be. A heating thermostat does not work like a faucet many consumers don’t know how the heating thermostat is operated correctly and save energy. It is, for example, a common assumption that the room warms faster, if the thermostat is set to the highest level. The infographic shows: actually, the heat supply to the radiator via a temperature sensor is controlled, which opens the valve for the heating water or closes depending on the room temperature. A heating thermostat is not a faucet. Is the thermostat is turned up fully, it heats any faster, but only longer until the higher temperature is reached”, explains Loitz.

The basis for efficient heating: The hydraulic leveling the basis for economical and efficient heating is a hydraulic adjustment. While the various components of the heating system of the boiler the pump to the thermostat valves set correctly together and tailored to the needs of the building. Prerequisites for this are adjustable thermostatic valves. With these you can the heating system installer limiting the flow of warm water to the radiator and adapted to the actual requirements of the room. Therefore, the ThermostatCheck has an additional option: he calculated for homeowners now also the savings potential of a hydraulic leveling. A series of photos on shows how adjustable thermostatic valves. Programmable thermostats have an additional advantage: regulate the room temperature, depending on the time. So is the bathroom hot morning to take a shower and cool during the day on economical 18 degrees. These thermostats cost about 20 to 50 euros and save about 10% on heating costs. “Co2online and my heating more my heating can more” is a campaign of the non-profit consultancy co2online. The nationwide campaign is funded by the Federal Ministry of environment in the framework of the national climate protection initiative and supported by the Consumer Council energy advice. The Ostfalia University of applied Science is scientific partner. Together with a cross-industry network with partners from associations, business and trade media are consumers of personal efficiency potential hydraulic leveling itself in terms of informed and motivated to become active.


Pure Mineral Designboden

Jointless design of monolithic floor from Italy with Pietra di Venezia”the Italian manufacturer Orsan presents srl a product, that sets new standards in the field of mineral soil design. This Designboden combines the technical qualities of an industrial floor with the aesthetic qualities of modern cementitious solutions. “Pietra di Venezia” extends monolithic and seamlessly from room to room. A purely mineral soil without any addition of organic substances created by combining traditional materials with a modern application. Thanks to its convincing technical indicators of the ground even under high stress is used. Not only in the design of living spaces, shops, bars or boutiques, he is a compelling alternative in offices, surgeries or commercial public spaces, “Pietra di Venezia” shows its strengths. By its high mechanical strength the ground also for Chair castors, pallet truck, suitable etc..

Since he finished antistatic floor and prevent electrical charges or reduce He is also ideal for hospitals, surgeries, allergies, etc. In addition, the floor is non-combustible and withstands temperatures up to approximately 800 C.. PIETRA DI VENEZIA reacts like natural stone and is properly protected very dirt resistant. He is even resistant to solvents and oils and fats. In addition to the technical characteristics, the ecological properties – the so-called magnesite cement convince”the base of the system, is part of an ecological ‘ air-curing systems with significantly reduced energy consumption and production. For example, only 20-40% of the energy consumed in the production of Portland cement are needed. “Thanks to its purely mineral nature, Pietra di Venezia is one” to the ecologically correct, yes even bio-compatible “building materials – no plastics are included. Buyers and planners will find here more information about the mineral Designboden Pietra di Venezia”.


Rent Instead Of Buy – Private Rentals Over The Internet

Arranging private rental shops via Internet platforms, social networks and Internet platforms are an increasingly popular and are to take to the market place for private businesses of any kind. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are used increasingly to teaching of private rentals. About special Internet platforms, private individuals can offer other individuals to rent infrequently used items. In France already a common phenomenon in Germany still in its infancy. Special Internet platforms to the Vermittlich of private rental shops are generally strongly on the rise. Sognannte rental networks conquer increasingly the attention of Germans.

An example of this is the new German rental network all rental. French Internet platforms such as E.g. zilok.fr enjoy almost an exponential growth. The reasons for this are obvious. Who at home with items, this usually only a few times in the year money is needed, grateful, and thus something if he rent it to others can earn. All items, rarely used and which are too expensive, useless to get around, are potentially suitable to be presented to others.

Here are no limits of the imagination. Whether scarifier, drills or beer tables, crockery and cutlery, even suitcase or evening dresses can be profitably lend themselves. And all with one with a few mouse clicks. For the operators of the Internet platform remains a low Commission of a few per cent of the transaction value. The landlord is pleased with additional revenue, he actually had not seen before, and the lessee will save the high cost of a new purchase of items, most of the time is not used.


Max Flooring

New flooring click the patented connect angle mechanism that allows the laying of a Designbodens without bonding for the first time in German living room and which is so special this new flooring made of vinyl. The floor can be so much easier and faster than other designs. The boards are angled to easily into each other. Details can be found by clicking Mark Bertolini or emailing the administrator. The elasticity of the flooring makes it soft and easy on the joints. Ground edges avoid injuries on the seams of the boards. The collection is suitable for humid rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

2010 connect collection was elected the most innovative flooring of the year by floor technology. The DESIGNline connect series includes two collections, which are tailored to the needs for private or industrial use. Connect Laguna collection that has a smaller area than its counterpart for the commercial benefit is intended for private use. The collection connect Bacana is due to their greater space for heavily loaded floors suitable in industrial buildings such as shopping malls or office buildings. The ConnectTEC mat is available as an accessory, which improves the surface properties of the vinyl floor. You ensures a better grip and smoothes the surface also increases the acoustic properties.

The installation of this mat is comparatively simple, but must be taken on the necessary conditions. The firm of Fox & Pritzkau sold the novel Designboden parquet wohnwelt.de via their online shop and provides more information about the collection.