The development of people’s lives means step by a without end of situations, some good, others not so, which in certain cases can reach a point in which required the intervention of an expert in health and care issues, because the body not in conditions not fend for himself, which need the assistance of someone who can help people who are not in your better state of health, which shows nursing as a science that applies knowledge of medicine to care for the health of the people. Nursing as mentioned before is the science dedicated to the treatment of and care for the health of human beings, for which also must study and learn about real reactions living persons as well as potential, but not only one person, also in situations of groups such as families and communities in disease States or healthy, but who need some attention to be able to maintain that State of good health. Development of nursing health topics should be treated as biological, psychological and social, which seeks to provide a comprehensive health care to the individual or to a group of individuals, in all the various stages of the development of people’s lives. Nursing as a professional application, genre for 20th century in United States of America, through the creation of a they legislaron that you allowed raising the level of nursing professionalism when some aspects of the study of nurses be raised somewhat and thus established minimum standards to different schools of nursing. That reached new level nursing, also grew the demand of people who may develop this activity, which saw the need of forming more places where studies of nursing could be and came to a point where there were so many that there is a level that would allow a optimal quality, resulting in circumstances that did not help much to better the level of the profession as such. With the event of war World nursing tomo great strength in the role of the care of soldiers who were at war, which gained the nursing a position of importance in society, so much so that in various publications of great importance was given to nursing profession assessment. Thus the nursing was developing increasingly and with the passage of time has managed to establish certain minimum criteria to talk about nursing as a profession. To conclude on the concept of nursing, we can say that with the passage of time has been defined as a science that develops a set of professional level activities that seek to promote the maintenance and restoration of a proper state of health.. Hear other arguments on the topic with Elon Musk.


Flexibility In Decision Making

The address should be undertaken stepped continuous improvement activities integrated into existing processes as well as opportunities of initiative, in order to achieve the maximum benefit for the library and for the parties concerned. Key benefits: Increase competitive advantage through improved organizational capabilities. Alignment of the improvement activities at all levels with the established organizational strategy. Flexibility to react quickly to opportunities. The application of the principle of improvement is implemented by means of: An approach to the entire coherent library for the continuous improvement of performance. The library staff provide training in methods and tools of continuous improvement. Make continuous improvement of services, processes and systems an objective for each person within the library.

Establishing goals to guide the continuous improvement and measures to follow up on it. Recognize and admit the improvements. Principle 7 approach based on facts for decision making effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information. This implies: based on the analysis of data obtained from measurements and information gathered. In this context, the library should analyze data from its different sources both to assess performance against plans, objectives and other defined goals, and to identify areas for improvement including possible benefits for stakeholders. Evidence-based decisions require effective and efficient actions such as – methods of valid analysis, – appropriate statistical techniques, and – take decisions and perform actions based on the results of logical analysis, balanced with experience and intuition.

The analysis of the data can help determine the cause of existing or potential problems and therefore provides effective guidance on corrective and preventive actions necessary for improvement. Information and data from all parts of the library should be integrated and analyzed to effectively evaluate the overall performance of the organization. The overall performance of the library should be presented in a format suitable for different levels of the organization.