Poem For Teaching

Teaching in high Olympus, celebrated the Festival of teaching. While Ulysses danced in the mind of the goddess Minerva Moreover Calypso is enriquecia with the goddess teaching work force. Nothing glossy and with her flashes of Jupiter. Mercury levanto the vos and said: you have not been in vain, if you think suitable. He resurrects the mystery of your visit. the God I turn off the glow, born in the essence of his being.

and I answer: so is, I have not come to dance with you. because while ye ye entregais wine. teaching is belittled. and nothing more unjust to the gods to worship teaching in high Olympus, while its name is mansillado and humiliated on the ground. Zeus I keep silence in the middle of the inapariencia. Since any God. knew of his presence, because the God of the gods. It was above all of them.

Hera for his part said: you held vainly, because you have not descended to Earth to inform men the wonders of the goddess teaching. Hephaestus Cerro eyes. Then the Queen Hera wonder did Hephaestus has something please you? which answer: Sabia Queen, since the last time a breed of thinkers called the philosophers have tried to communicate to all the peoples of the Earth that is the offering which makes rejoice goso goddess teaching education sagebrush look into your eyes to Hephaestus. He realized that she was expressing a number of things. taking the word Artemis levanto the vos saying: philosophers whom we sent to Earth, have always given their lives to education. showing the path of education to be glorious and excellent by nature. Apollo rose I invoke to orlando Magno at that time. his mouth was opened and said: kind gods; Zeus and Hera. The God power that you assuredly unleashed on Earth. you have removed education philosophers. It has moreover given the domain administrators. the Kings of the Earth. liciado have the educational systems of men. in order to exalt the goddess of the hades, I am referring to the greed. Athena with a smile hug heaven. Then he said to the God Apollo: the living silent do not understand this. Aphrodite cry! by Zeus! You amareis lies and vanity. silence is complicity. the silence of you is the poverty of the teachers. the unconsciousness of the States to deny men the gift of the gods. i.e.: education. you have sick minds.Hades: Drove to where it was Aphrodite and told to ear: silent, enough so the gods worship evil so I me taking possession of the land and the infinite universe. Poseidon sending a strong wind that I lift the layer of Hades and contesto le his threatening words: cowardly, because you attack the goddess more loved, by gods and men. I swear that you delivered not the dead that I have in my womb. Ares let fall a little wine on the streets of Olympus, then a series of black roses you profetizaron to Hades in name of Ares as follows: I swear to honour my name hare, you hare the war forever. then the essence phantasmagoric disappeared. Hermes and Dionysus: Levantaron vos as one single and cantaron: then Zeus and Hera Cerraron doors of Olympus and no dejaron know that conversation. closes the backdrop.