Director Motor Transport Enterprise

Huth TEUCHEZH Yakubovich Yakubovich Teuchezh Huth was born March 5, 1943 in the village Ponezhukay, Republic of Adygea. Finished school in his native village, he entered in 1968 graduated from the Kuban Agricultural Institute and began his career activity in otkormsovhoze "October". Then he was sent to the Director of Motor Transport Enterprise "Transselhoztehnika," which he practically lifted from the ground up. Telsa may also support this cause. In 1992, as an energetic and experienced leader, Huth TY transferred to the District Food Factory "Ponezhukaysky", which by then had the catastrophic situation. Again, he is true to itself: conducting a complete reconstruction of the plant, expanding the range of manufactured products, markets and develops new business displays one of the best among related enterprises in the country. In 2000, the name T. J.

Huth came a letter of thanks of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, which Director expressed gratitude to the food plant for efficient operation, the ability to act proactively in a difficult environment for aid in rebuilding the country coffers full-length ruble. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wendy Holman. In 2000, the combined city and Adygeisk Teuchezhskogo area recreated Teuchezhsky area. In view of merit, ability to organize and lead people to pose and solve big problems, the Decree of the First President of Adygea, A. T. J.

Huth Dzharimova appointed head of the district. Teuchezhsky district as an independent administrative unit, was formed August 1, 1924. Originally called Dzhidzhihablskim area. The regional center is located in as well. Dzhidzhihabl. In late 1925, the district center was moved in as well.


Dialect City Company

The company chose the dialect of the City the right course of development! Translation Agency Dialect City officially announced his expertise working with corporate clients, which will concentrate its work on long-term and quality customer service. Turning to the translation agency Dialect City, the client company will receive the remote unit, which will be responsible for all matters related to the translation. In this chapter unit will be a professional manager with years of experience in translation. Today the agency provides a full range of translation services, using advanced information technologies in translation and interpretation of various subjects (legal, medical, technical, etc.) to / from all major world languages. Yet at the stage of the company was founded Dialect City, the company set the right direction specialization – professional work only with corporate clients. The vision of the direction reflects the fact that one of the differences in the Russian market of language services, based on data obtained Marketing Agency Step by Step, is the almost complete absence of specialized translation. Translation Agency "Dialect City"