Mark Twain

I me once at breakfast not between 2 types could decide jam, and wanted, I was eating a sausage roll without further ADO. Following emotional impulses or feelings: desire or frustration. We can compute rational needs and request decisions: 2 offers (see above) result in a 50-50 decision making ability. This allows clearly no quick choice, because the offer is almost identical! Before you starve to death: for fast We have choices (emotional) heuristics (think abbreviations, pattern) that are clearly superior to rational thought. Learn more at this site: Ebay. To protect our ancestors, from the Sabelzahntieger. Usually, the intuition or gut feelings is better than the mathematical logic! Almost always, I know what I don’t want to! (Negative knowledge) Responsible for anything and everything? When your only tool is a hammer, you will look at every problem as a nail. Mark Twain, Deformation professionnelle. By specializing in training and employment, each about his knowledge focus has today. And considered this model its special compartment and justified each of the entire world. Discussed but recently a technician with me about the human body from reinphysikalischerSicht, the area of its competence. He had no idea about biology, chemistry, psychology, and sociology so I can’t! Everyone is prisoner of his few thoughts models and our body not a machine. (Negative knowledge). It deeply embarrassed by an extremely one-sided consideration themselves only. Where are your knowledge deficits, away from your core faculty? Build up on further trade and interests areas next (tool box instead of just hammer). As long as encounter please only as a philosopher, as such you can talk more reasonably unscathed! “Or tell you frankly:…, so I don’t know anything!” Note: Absolutely due to aging and relative to the steady increase of world knowledge everyone stupefied former studied constantly! Thanks to wikipedia.net, etc. everyone can reduce constantly its intelligence-delete something! Give me a sign! Simple and self-worth weak believing (instead of knowledge) to compensate for over sensual.


Business Administration

“This article provides insight into the criteria for the choice of studies and the curriculum in a tourism management studies the course of tourism management” (or even tourism management”as if he is internationally oriented) in Germany at a variety of universities, colleges and academies offered. They differ with regard to a large number of relevant features, which can be for personal comfort as a student and for a successful completion of meaning. These include I want to study factors such as location close to my hometown? Or rather further away? What are the cost of living in the city? Would I need to complete a normal full-time study or a dual course of study study type? In which areas can I deepen my knowledge specialisation? Individual topics can be selected? Or tourism management”the focus in a Business Administration degree? Private or public? Many tourism management courses are offered at private colleges. Here one must decide whether such a private study in question or you would rather study at a State University. NC available? Some universities offer fewer places than there are applications. Then select studies its students with the help of the NC for the tourism. In addition you should involve other factors in his choice, non-system communication like the content by guest lecturers from the tourism industry practice for example, the number of students per semester / personal attention in small group method competence international orientation study at a partner University abroad quality of the scientific work of curriculum studies should be accordingly the specific enterprise requirements, to prepare the future tourism Manager on their various tasks in the tourism industry.

The study focuses therefore in the knowledge of business expertise, in addition to other subjects such as economics, Geography, foreign languages and tourism management the following content include: accounting, cost accounting and results accounting controlling calculation marketing market research public relations advertising personnel distribution of course the tourism sector not neglected. The travel – and tourism-related modules like E.g. travel events, fairs and congresses plan and perform individual tours, travel packages and group tours, organize or carry out a hotel management project, can be selected individually according to personal interests. The offer of special topics but differs in the individual course providers. The study ends with all facilities with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a secondary study with a master of Arts (M.A.) After graduating, the Bachelor of tourism management allows a wide range of professional entry-level and career opportunities career opportunities. No later than in the main study, also a decision for the preferred industry advantage is optimal to the career, to prepare. Tourism managers work as far as possible in the following industries: tourism hospitality industry restaurant consulting company advertising trade fair, Congress and meeting industry of economic and professional association Union public road and rail transport aviation shipping


Technical University

Master of business administration scholarship for women 2009 the Technical University of Vienna University innovation offers in cooperation with the Danube University Krems the postgraduate university course on general management MBA. The University Career Center a half scholarship to women awards for the 10th round of this programme, which will start on October 9, 2009,. The University Career Center acts as a career and placement platform and interface between students, graduates from technical, technical scientific and technical economic studies and industrial and commercial enterprises. Objective of the Technical University of Vienna and the Danube University Krems are committed to the concerns of the advancement of women and the creation of positive and career-enhancing conditions for women. For this purpose the General management MBA invoked in order to program a half scholarship for women in life, is designed to help graduates of technical, scientific, technical and economic studies. Be preferred Candidates who are planning a re-entry after a professional break. Award criteria letter of motivation for the application to the half scholarship for women 2009 positive completion of the MBA admission if you want to apply to the half scholarship, send us please your detailed CV with cover letter to.

The awarding of the scholarship will be by a jury of experts of the Technical University of Vienna, Danube University Krems and the TU made career center. The documents submitted are of course confidential, legal recourse is excluded. Deadline please send your documents exclusively by E-Mail no later than July 16, 2009 at. Learn more about the General management MBA, see gm-mba.tuwien.ac.at. For questions the team of the continuing education center, the Danube business school of University is Krems and the University Career Center available. How to contact with TU MAG Career Center GmbH. Daniela Haiden 1040 Vienna, schaumburgergasse 1/2/15 phone: + 43 (0) 1 5041634-15 fax: + 43 (0) 1 5041634-9 continuing education center at the TU Vienna Mag. Sabine Schnetzinger 1040 Vienna, Operngasse 11/017 phone: + 43 (0) 1 58801 41702 fax: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41799 Danube business school of Danube University Krems Dr.in Andrea Holtl, MBA MES 3500 Krems, Dr.-Karl-Dorrekstr. 30 phone: + 43 (0) 2732 893-2123 fax: + 43 (0) 2732 893-4100