Multi Channel Sales: Of Course! But How? –

A coordinated sales across different sales channels is becoming increasingly important. The pure online retailers as well as local retailers face the challenge to adapt successfully to the realities of a changing market. The concerted multi channel sales represents one of these developments that is currently increasing. The offer of different sales channels, such as the local retail store, the online store, the catalog or mobile distribution channels is meant. The objective of the current study of multi channel sales: of course! But how?”is to identify trends and tendencies in the multi channel sales from a customer perspective. In addition to the General Preferences in the multi channel sales specific evaluations to the areas were made mobile commerce and social networks in the field of multi channel distribution, focusing on Facebook, because also these two topics in the coordinated interaction of distribution channels are becoming increasingly important. Selected results 82% of customers rely on the Internet when they are about a Interested in the product.

Only in a few products, such as skin creams, the Internet represents the main information channel. The other courses followed by the retailers and the survey of friends and acquaintances. For more than three quarters of respondents is seeking information about a product on the Internet via search engines, closely followed by the direct call to an online store by entering the Web address. But also the direct information channel in the form of manufacturer / producer Web sites is not to be underestimated. High-priced products, the catalogue for consumers continues to be an important information channel. Thus every five shoes and backpacks catalogs wants to find out. This value is watches even at nearly 30%.

Consumers who like the ease of use and clarity of the catalog. The readers will appreciate especially appealing graphical treatment with many images”, which E.g. invites you to browse comfortably through the catalog on the sofa. Just under half of the respondents can be the incentives of pickup spot”and vouchers are sure to visit another channel. While the consumer first and foremost looking for same service and identical prices on all used channels. For customers who prefer a direct delivery of ordered products to your door, on the other hand, the Zustellmodalitaten have decisive influence on the choice of an online merchant”, explains Michael Luck, head of online sales at the Hermes Logistik Gruppe Germany GmbH. So, 57 per cent of customers indicate that the shipping cost for you is the most important criterion when choosing a shop only the price of the product is relevant for customers (78 percent). More than a third of the respondents considered the delivery time as critical also. Increasingly, online retailers use the possibilities of social networks to interact with prospects and customers. Over 70 percent of respondents use social networks, but only a small portion will provide in these networks products”, says Dr. Georg Wittmann, who is responsible at ibi research for the project “E-Commerce Guide”. Relationship with the company is usually about the click of the I like “buttons on the fan page of an online merchant on a social media platform. From the results of the survey, showing that customers would make their sympathy for the dealers first and foremost to express (82%). Just under half of the respondents would also be informed about offers.