Impossible City

There one day this beautiful lady was to the city and saw a thing that much it she called attention: freezer. That device wonder. It gave to keep of everything there, still more they who liveed to the edges of the river and caught many fish. – I want to freezer of that one, Mequetrefe. – We do not have much money thus, woman – We buy the stated period, in any way paid people. – When we will be to the city, people purchase one.

The time was passing, Pafncia owner always charging freezer. Even that one day Mequetrefe was to city Pafncia to go invited together. It it jumped in light truck and both had been ordered for the city. Mequetrefe made some research of price in city they had bought freezer in account. The salesman of the store asked Mequetrefe where it wanted that freezer left.

It said that he was to deliver it in its small farm. – Impossible, mine Sir. We only make delivery inside of the city. In small farms and farms it is on account of the customer. It did not have alternative seno to take freezer in its light truck. It was a injured work to place this to freezer in light truck. Being everything in its had place, lacked a thing: a rope to moor to freezer. Not it had no rope. Freezer could not go untied in top of light truck. It was there that the woman of mequetrefe had one shining idea: it would go on holding freezer. All certainty, everything soon, if had ordered for the small farm.



It sits down the table, insurance the esferogrfica penxs and with the irregular letter it tries to write, however, it does not obtain, it is not concentrated, the thought is fixed to the lived scenes. – You go supper what, Samuel? The clear, pretty voice inquired and it, there to the table, reading, answered: – He makes what it will be more practical, a same soup. Then the chair was crawled on the impulse of the arm and of the leg affected by the illness and it did not adentrava in the small kitchen. With difficulty it lit the stove and became to speak: – Samuel gives to the casserole. He rose himself, taking care of it.

– What you want more? – Nothing, pra can come back its book. The scenes. It there in the terrace, looking the narrow street, ladeirada. The tristonho brown face, but, resigned to the patient state. It if arriving, demonstrating themselves solidary, human: – Thinking where, Ftima? Smiling, it as always, searched to tranquilize it: – Nothing not. But seeing the street. Silence between both. Somebody crossing the street, complimenting them: – Good afternoon.

– Good afternoon. The voice of it in reply. Imprisoned it to the proper mutismo, thoughtful. I contend myself in what it understood. – You needing money? Again the solidarity of the fellowship. – It can take off of my saving. – Not, for the time being, not. My God until when the souvenirs? Until when I will live the past? Why not me adapto to the solitude? Already was not enough the spill made unusable that it, then, why now took it to Mr.? The tears fall. With the back of the hands, it dries them, hasty. The penxs leaves to fall in the table and, in an impulse moving away with the coasts the chair stops backwards and of surprise resoluto, rising itself, closes the door to the side, the dumping waggon and, in the neighboring room, also the other dumping waggon, the door, crosses the terrace, portozinho and gains the street, descends it.


Vov Caluga

We have that to come back toward house. Necessary to help mother to sweep the house and to wash the insane people. Moreover, at night I will have that to go the mass of ten years of death of the papa and not yet I gummed the clothes that we will have to use. – Wait girl, we go to take a bath in the lagoon, is making much heat and I am sweated, said Glucio. – He is fast, we do not go to delay, said Arthur. – People, Vov Caluga always did not speak that it is lagoon is dangerous, that monsters exist that devoram children and until adults; was Vov Caluga who said? Mariana spoke. – Already it goes to start with your chatice, Marina – Renato said.

When the boys were for finishing to arrange last pebbles in the hamper had heard the shouts of Renato: – I found, am it, am same it, the Rock of the Stars, it I found, well close to that foot of tamarineiro. They see as it is pretty, is not very great, more is very pretty, is redondinha, redondinha well. All the boys, also Marina, had run to the meeting of Renato. In the eyes of almost all the boys the expressions of allure, joy for the conquest. Abraos and alive entoaram in the space.

However, the look of Marina contained more fear of what and the girl never started to run in direction to the way in return for house. The boys had run and when reaching the girl, had held it for the arm, having hindered it to continue in its race. The eyes of the girl were full of fear, the small angelical face, now rubro, presented dark spots, perhaps due the heat that increased with passing of the hands of the clock. The cold water of the lagoon, now, reflected the blue one of the sky.



Miracle of Boy Joo was boy of family humble, respects orders of father, which loses humble job of cutter of sugar cane, one day before such tragedy, it capsizes in dream, considered silly, body died, if it approached, and body of boy, before any identification, Joo looked at for side, in manifestation of consequence, saw currencies, that formed a way, brought that it until a ticket, done of bread paper ‘ ‘ This is the ignorance, greed and the finite, together, the land, the together wisdom takes the man, hope and the infinite, leads of the land for homem’ ‘. It disappeared the image, it only saw Jlio, its brother of three years calling, to give such notice on the father. Some days later, of the humble family, which counted on five children, only sobrara tostes, who had been given it, older son, with the task to buy breads for its brothers, while the parents explained the situation for the lesser brothers.

The way until the city, was a little intriguer for Joo, that supported the idea of that if it bought beanses and other seeds, could guarantee the sustenance of the family of the Brazilian hinterland, planting and harvesting, as it saw in the films of the local TV, but a miracle would be same, rising thing some in the land which lived, it looked at for the land during the way, until he heard an shout, was to check. It only saw a boy died, in decomposition with weeds in return of it, and a message in bread paper ‘ ‘ This is the ignorance, greed and the finite, together, the land, the together wisdom takes the man, hope and the infinite, leads of the land for homem’ ‘. It had fear to disobey to the father, but wise person who would die of hunger, and that such message had relation with its family, a time turns this in some film, was certain, however not wise person which.