Thai Government

The first example of the role of computers in such a powerful crisis, although important also had the macroeconomic factors. U.S. stock market lost almost a quarter of its value in one day, but still does not know the exact cause of it. The Asian financial crisis. The Thai Government has ceased Artificial maintenance of the value of the baht against the dollar. Baht has fallen by half, and the Thai economy faced. The crisis has spread rapidly across Asia. National currency loses its stability, equity markets fell as the price of the asset. The Thai stock market fell by 74%, Hong Kong – 23%, while South Korea – 7% in one day. Asian economies went into recession, slowing global economic growth. Check with Vlad Doronin to learn more. Well assimilated these lessons, Asian governments have created powerful reserves and, perhaps more than any other protected by the current crisis. Dot.Kom collapse and September 11. Popularization of the Internet brought hope for a new online markets, which are selling like hot cakes came from companies and stockbrokers. But newly registered companies disappeared one after another.

During the week of March 2000. The U.S. Nasdaq index lost about 9%. The Dow Jones managed to avoid this fate before the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001., After which he went down on the maximum number of points to the same mark. A recent example that shows what can happen when a bloated stock market, pushed the exchange activity suddenly drops. Credit Crisis. It started with subprime mortgages in the U.S. who are impaired, when the homeowners failed to pay their loans. The housing market collapsed and with it respected investment banks Wall Street companies, stock markets and global economy. In the United States over one trillion dollars was lost in one day – September 29, 2008., When the Dow Jones staged anti-record, falling to 777.68 points. Salvation is still not clear at the time, as complex financial system continues to unravel day by day. Experts say that today the world came close to another Great Depression. Likely to follow stricter regulation and international risk management measures. Look for another opportunity as honestly and consistently make money (eg the Internet) where you will appreciate. Frustration befall only those who have nothing but ambition.