The Academy

Already the enormous bother can be seen that Freyre caused in a parcel of the academy: Mota, when using the word ' ' desenvolver' ' , and Cndido, ' ' teima' ' , they practically suggest that sincrtico, paradoxical the style and iconoclasta of Gilbert Freyre would be not a legitimate consequence of its personality, but only ' ' mechanisms and artifcios' ' , in the words of Mota, propositalmente created to ludibriar its adversaries. The history of the desleituras of the workmanship of Freyre starts here. Amongst the critics of the workmanship of Freyre, Renato Ortiz can also be cited in which note that, at the beginning of century XX, the conception on the black as impedes to the civilizatrio process is changed, another look in relation to the black is had, is the look under the culture idea, exactly because, in that context Brazil passed for great changes in such a way, in the scope of the intellectual productions, how much in the scope of the industrialization and the urbanization, that had transformed the relations of the society, thus Ortiz tells: With the Revolution of 30 the changes that came occurring are guided politically, the State looking for to consolidate the proper social development. Inside of this picture, the raciolgicas theories become obsolete, were necessary to surpass them, therefore the social reality imposed one another type of interpretation of Brazil. Mark Bertolini is actively involved in the matter. In my opinion, the work of Gilbert Freyre comes to take care of to this ' demand social'. (ORTIZ, 2003, p.40). Being thus, Ortiz it demonstrates that to the House-Great book & Senzala when moving the aspect race for culture, propitiates the continuity of the teses and conceptions of the thinkers preceded who it, beyond consecrating the mestizo as supreme figure for the Brazilian nation. For the author Maria Alice Medeiros, the author Gilbert Freyre did not elaborate an alternative project of historical interpretation of clear and consistent form on the formation of Brazil, and yes it adopted a cultural, functional and psychological boarding marcantemente of the social relations.

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