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He treats the active magnitude of the problem, diseases that cause, smokers and liabilities, prevention and recommendations. Several doctors reflected days ago about which a considerable part of the world-wide population passes away in early ages by own cause, because it neglects his habits and it is disinformed or when they orient to him what to do makes contingency not covered by law to these advice. WELL-TAKEN CARE OF TEN Reflects! If you see all the warnings related to the danger of the tobacco with skepticism, surely you will have considered some of the following questions. It is normal you have done that it, but you must know that the answers that I am going to give to you are not opinions. By your well-being and the one of yours, it will go to you well to consider these facts.

" The life is a disease of sexual transmission, that begins with a sob and whose mortality is of 100%". Nevertheless, our style of life is key so that we pruned to live more years and on everything, we pruned so that them to live better. To stop smoking is one of the basic elements to improve our style of life and to live more satisfactorily. For more information visits All the information that we offered is general by nature; it remembers that this information by itself, cannot replace the human cares of the health or services that you can need. We only offered an information service and of reference, please it consults the professional of the health that tries to him on any preoccupation that it has on his own health. Original author and source of the article.